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asiakol, AsiaKOL, 亞洲達人通

AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!

About Us

AsiaKOL is a company that specializes in cross-border influencer marketing. We pride ourselves as professionals and have been working in markets like China, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Macau, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and many more. Our many years of experience has thought us that cross-border influencer marketing is a dynamic and ever-changing environment. As such, AsiaKOL has become the market leader in creating exciting & innovative marketing activities which catches and rides the waves of opportunity. To name a few:

1.)    “AKTour” – Our cross-border influencer marketing program which invites an influencer every month to promote a brand and every month’s promotion is done by a different influencer. The audience reach by using these different influencers monthly are amazing and effective

2.)    “AKBOK” – A goodie box with different brands of products inside which is then sent to influencers who then does an unboxing and experience sharing on social media. Imagine your products reaching the hand of these influencers.

3.)    “KOL Profit Share” – A brand may cooperate with AsiaKOL in promoting their products. We work with influencers to share useful information on the product and promote “Group Buying” activities. We are able to kill two birds with one stone by promoting & selling at the same time.
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AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!