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The Right Cross-field KOLs – the Right Solution

Posted on 2020/06/03 13:00:49

The Failure of “Princess Maker”Mobile Version: the Right Cross-field KOLs – the Right Solution The extremely famous game “Princess Maker” has officially been released on Steam since last year. However, AsiaKOL realizes that, as a well-established gaming brand, there are few discussed topics on the Internet. In this article, we’ll give insight into the online performance of this classic brand, which is transferred from PC to mobile verson. The era of “Pri...

Zero Moment of Truth And KOLs

Posted on 2020/05/27 15:00:27

Zero Moment of Truth And KOLs: The most effective marketing tool under social distancing!   As the Coronavirus pandemic has no sign of ease, people continue to keep distance with each other while business can’t stop sinking. Facing this tough time, AsiaKOL decides to launch the “Zero Moment of Truth and KOLs” strategy, listing out 4 important stages for influencers to boost the “Direct To Consumer”progress. Stimulate consumer’s remote buying ambition: ...

Nutrition Brands With International KOL

Posted on 2020/05/20 15:00:20

Nutrition Brands With International KOL – How To Boost Your Products Oversea? ( Feature photo: superfoodlab instagram )   Regarding the development trend of local and oversea KOLs, since 2017, “Micro influencers marketing” has become the new ideal partner of brands. However, if one brand aims to expand its image promotion scope, local micro-influencers really have limit capability to reach consumers oversea. In this article, AsiaKOL’s going to reveal the secre...

Thanks to influencers even postpartum corsets can be sold to men

Posted on 2020/04/08 13:00:55

Thanks to micro-influencers, even postpartum corsets can be sold to men!   To win the battle of digital marketing, do brands can only rely on those “S-class celebrities and influencers” to boost popularity? In the era of digital natives, “micro-influencers”- whose followers tend to have higher loyalty – have ruled the world of digital marketing due to their massive follower groups, reasonable marketing price and diverse active fields. In this article, AsiaKOL’s g...

Top eSport influencers are revealed

Posted on 2020/03/02 14:00:31

Obtain million fans only by playing eSports! Top eSport influencers are revealed Earn money by playing online games? Based on latest report of Newzoo (an American games & eSports analytics and market research company), there are now more than 2.5 billion gamers across the world, spending $152.1 billion on games in 2019. With the fast-growing of eSports and livestreaming, which attract million of audiences, the market value of game live streaming are rapidly increasing day by day. This time, Asi...

AKTour is receiving positive comments! Always-on with KOLs (2)

Posted on 2020/02/12 14:00:51

AKTour is receiving positive comments! “Always-on” with KOLs to boost brand’s international awareness! (Part 2) In part 1, AsiaKOL took us to an overview of KOL tours to experience Taiwan culture. In this sequel, we will share the best marketing "secret" in brand awareness boosting! Avoid making mistakes when operating with KOLs: AsiaKOL reveals the “Do” and “Don’t” Let’s figure out what are the common mistakes you may encounter ...

AKTour is receiving positive comments! Always-on with KOLs (1)

Posted on 2020/02/04 15:00:40

AKTour is receiving positive comments! “Always-on” with KOLs to boost brand’s international awareness! (Part 1) With the arising of social networks, KOLs and Youtubers have become a brand new type of marketing channels! KOL marketing not just affects consumer decisions, it also rocks the trend and attracts many brands for collaboration. In this case, how can we bring the combination of “Brand x KOLs” to a higher level? How can local brands take advantage of international KOL...

Must-read for brand marketers!

Posted on 2020/02/03 17:00:03

Must-read for brand marketers! What should be focused on after Instagram hides like counts? With the aim of depressurizing user’s mental health, Instagram ran a like-hiding test on part of the users all over the world in the second half of 2019. Instagram hasn’t officially launch the idea, but based on the tests on social platform, the disappearance of like counts will soon become real. However, it’s hard for brand marketers to analyze product performance as well as comparing with com...

Social Media Community x Micro-Influencer Trend

Posted on 2019/10/09 17:00:36

Latest marketing keywords "social media community x micro-influencer" trend There are a lot of different social medias around today. Each with their own respective market share. Whichever platform has the best content who become the kind in this market. But how do you properly identify the right content for your users? How do you focus the right product to the right viewers? How do make a content that is relevant and usable for you for your marketing activities? Follow AsiaKOL and you will see ...

KOL x Politicians = Higher Network Benefit!

Posted on 2019/09/10 13:00:39

One of the strength to boost social media publicity. (President Tsai Ing-Wen) The presidential election candidates of each party is going to be announced soon. Candidates are taking the opportunity to collaborate with famous online celebrities to gain more popularity while Tsai Ing-wen and William Lai's initial telephone poll have started in full swing. How will "Taiwan KOL x Politicians" affect Internet opinion volume? AsiaKOL is taking the collabration between President Tsai Ing-Wen an...

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