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AsiaKOL-Online Film reviews infringing copyright laws?

Posted on 2019/03/04 16:00:05

It is believed that most people are no stranger to "x minutes to watch a movie," and Spoilers. Film and television entertainment are an indispensable thing in modern life. In recent years YouTube, Instagram has a lot of film reviews, so that viewers do not need go out and actually watch a movie! AsiaKOL’s analysis of the content of the online from November 2018 to January 2019, shows which film critics of the influencer community are most prominent, as well as the community platform on the f...

Convenience store launch of the mystery bag is now trending

Posted on 2019/02/25 13:00:58

  Chinese people like to try their luck during the lunar the new year. Taiwan's major convenience store rushed to jump on the "New Year's Good luck bag” wagon. Follow AsiaKOL’s unboxing to see the FamilyMart, 7-11, Hi-Life, OK convenience store to see what surprise mystery bag has in store. Observe this month's online trend, the FamilyMart bag total discussion number is higher than other competitors, why is it so? let us take look at!   Everybody's ...

Stars, influencers all want to work with her, what has she done?

Posted on 2019/01/28 13:00:17

【Taiwan】Star artist, influencers all want to work with her, what has she done?   It’s the start of a new year and influencer marketing has matured a lot compared to last year. Indeed, it is now a mainstream, to the point where many consider it a legitimate extension of content marketing, as the most effective means of content delivery. Although it has suffered a few niggles, such as fake followers and influencers not disclosing their promotional activities, influencer marketing has grown fr...

AsiaKOL- A famous e-commerce in Malaysia collaborated with KOL

Posted on 2019/01/16 17:00:16

A famous e-commerce in Malaysia is for the first time having an interesting campaign which collaborates with influencer to provide a boyfriend rental service during Chinese New Year. Most single people are afraid of being asked questions by relatives during the Chinese New Year. Such as: Do you have a boyfriend? When are you going to get married? his occupation and so on. The e-commerce took this cultural phenomenon and organized a rental boyfriend service, which is the first for Malaysia. Follow ...

AsiaKOL-Case Study-Mistakes in influencer marketing

Posted on 2019/01/15 14:00:27

The Government of Taiwan to find overseas influencer to promote "Taichung Flora Exposition " to the public. But they missed a very important point. Marketing now has to be done from multiple angles.   Not only commercial brands, but even governments have to do "branding" for "Their Country" ! In November last year, the "2018 World Flora Exposition” which was held in Taichung. The Taiwanese government invited six influencers from Asian countries to promote ...

Asiakol shows you the influence of the community-Top 50 YouTuber

Posted on 2019/01/14 11:00:01

AsiaKOL shows you the influence of the community. A Look at the 2018 Taiwan YouTuber Rankings Welcome to 2019, let's review which Taiwan influencer in the past year has the best community influence performance.   The “Asia Influencer Evaluation” Database (AIE) calculates the three key pointer scores of "impact score, interactive engagement, content relevance" according to the contents of Taiwan's influencer on YouTuber channel, and reveals the hottest list of Taiw...

AsiaKOL- How can we ensure maximum benefit during purchase?

Posted on 2019/01/08 17:00:20

How can we ensure maximum benefit during purchase? Event influencer is also a buying group now!   Have been wanting to buy something but it is difficult to decide and act now? Want to get the free delivery but you can not reach level by yourself? In fact, these problems can be solved by influencers. This time AsiaKOL keywords are “Open group buying(開團)” and “initiate a group buying(揪團)” where Influencers post strategy on Instagram are collected  from April 1, 2018 ...

Black sugar bubble milk tea!! What's so charming about this

Posted on 2018/12/21 16:00:18

Black Sugar Bubble Milk Tea all the rage nowadays. What it’s charming drink from Taiwan make wave to Southeast of Asia Referring to the good taste from Taiwan, everyone is holding a cup of bubble milk tea! With the push of social media, Taiwan's "Black Sugar bubble milk tea" is popular from Hong Kong to China and even Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia etc.  Of course, influencer who are the most sensitive to trends, will not miss this chance. AsiaKOL uses "black sugar bubble ...

AsiaKOL- The Opportunity Of The Third Billion

Posted on 2018/12/19 15:00:14

For several years now, marketers have pursued the estimated $1.9 trillion global Muslim consumer market, not least the growing cohort of young, female hijabsters in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Now marketers are waking up to another rising cohort of young, tech-savvy Muslimah in Southeast Asia. Young Muslim women in Southeast Asia are coming of age at a time of societal flux. They are more devout than their parents’ generation—as seen by the spread of the hijab, or Muslim headscar...

AsiaKOL-BTS K-pop Group Becoming Major Social Media Trend

Posted on 2018/12/11 15:00:52

K-pop is becoming an international phenomenon on social media and in particular the South Korean band BTS. YouTubers all around the world are talking about BTS, whether it’s a reaction video to their latest music videos, talking about how to get tickets to their next show or describing in detail about the personalities of the band members. The trend is spiraling on social media with some creators experiencing a boost of hundreds of thousands of views if they post a video talking about the topic....

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