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AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!


Posted on 2021/02/25 14:40


The new face of business: E-commerce +Livestream KOLs! However, livestream is not only on-screen chitchat. How to make audiences stay connect is a whole technique. In this article, AsiaKOL will reveal the biggest secret - three key features of livestream.

cover photo source: Shopee Live 

The new generation of consumers shopping on the Internet not only satisfy with convenience and cheapness, they also aim for digital customer experiences. According to the 21st Century Business Herald, nearly 30% of netizens watch live streaming everyday, in which 50% of them will purchase the products promoted by KOLs. Besides, 39.3% of users are affected by the live streaming environment. People buying promoted products during livestream would make these users think that: “I can’t miss this!”

In the era of livestream, KOL’s monetization channels are switching to E-commerce live streaming platforms. In terms of consumer behavior towards “E-commerce x KOL live-streaming”, AsiaKOL team sums up three key features in live streaming: entertainment, immediacy, testability. Let’s see how KOLs can pull in followers, as well as pushing them to purchase while live streaming.

Entertainment: “Fun-streaming” to increase fans – casting the right KOLs

Would you rather enjoy a snack live streaming in solemnity or relaxation? Only great consumer experience can arouse consumer’s repurchase willingness, live streaming featuring pure and simple introduction can hardly maximize brand sales. In this case, AsiaKOL can evaluate and analyze the data of each KOL's field, influence breadth, and interaction rate. We help brands to pick the most suitable KOLs to improve viewers’ favorability and willingness to place orders.

Immediacy: audiences ask, KOLs answer

For example, when watching a KOL featuring clothes, how can I know if the materials meet my demand? If brands want to shape the livestream into a physical shopping experience, satisfying customer’s demands is really essential. Audience’s comments stand for their desire to buy, and brands should catch the chances. Whether it’s about the color, number of pieces or even material condition, KOL can answer instantly during livestream to solve any doubts of audiences and shorten the order time.

Testability: evaluate through interacting with followers, make them feel beloved

How can brands analyze market acceptances towards the product when it debuts? Through interacting with followers, KOLs can conduct a secret survey to understand consumer’s favorability, price, and gift preferences through asking questions, such as “How much do you think this watch is?” “Which colors would you want to add?” “Will you buy both the shampoo and the conditioner?”. The advantages of asking these questions are to create fine customized experience for consumers and assist brands to design different marketing strategies in future festivals.

However, it takes time and effort for brands and KOLs to decide the exposure details in immediacy and testability aspects. Good news is, we can solve this! With rich experience in dealing with KOLs, AsiaKOL can communicate back and forth with KOLs on behalf of the brands, and let the specified information be naturally exposed in the interaction, as brand’s demand.

Combining the above three features, the first step for brands to seize e-commerce platforms can be deployed ahead of time. Under KOL’s promotion pushes, brands can approach different customer segments, enhance credibility, increase the audience’s curiosity and favorability towards products, and even induce purchases.


Not everyone uses livestream app, but most of them do have “Shopee”!

platform is the next essentials for produce exposure. Shopee has been the No. 1 e-commerce platform for two consecutive years, in which young generation as the largest segment, as well as an average of above ten million visitors per month. AsiaKOL and Shopee have joinly launch a new project – “Shoppe Live x AsiaKOL”. In addition to full livestream plans mastered by professional teams, avoiding common problems such as poor reception and lengthy video or audio, KOLs can also solve doubts of audiences, shorten order placing time and enhance live streaming efficiency through interacting with audiences.

At least 50.000 to book an influencer! Regardless of the field, even if brands know nothing about live streaming, through AsiaKOL's rich experience in KOL live-streaming, we can fully control the background operation and shipping issues, combining the influences of KOLs, who already obtain their own followers. When your competitor acknowledge the advantages of live streaming, your sale records are already booming!

As long as you want to attract new customers through KOL live streaming, AsiaKOL's professional team can provide tailor-made campaign, as long as live topics for each time to conduct "KOLs x E-commerce x Live marketing". Moreover, we can even assist brands in spreading brand awareness nationally and internationally!

Please fill in the form here if your brand or product is interested in the “Shopee Live x AsiaKOL” campaign. We will contact you once the form is received. For more details about KOLs and collaboration, contact us [email protected]

AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!