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AsiaKOL's interview with top blogger Shou Chuan Chang Pepper

Posted on 2018/10/16 14:33

AsiaKOL: How did you become interested in cosmetics?

Shou Chuan Chang Pepper: I guess a girl’s interest in beauty comes from their childhood when they see their mother putting on lipstick. When I was in high school, I would apply light lip gloss and draw a green eye shadow.


AsiaKOL: What change after you became a cosmetic influencer? Would you explain your influencer experience?

Shou Chuan Chang Pepper: The best part of being a KOL is received new products even before it is launched.

I also must pay attention in maintaining my skin conditional and my mental state. Because I am always on camera to record my skincare and make up experience, I have to show my best features to the lens. Therefore, staying positive & maintaining a good skin condition is very important. Of course, life is not only about skincare & cosmetics but also about learning.


AsiaKOL: Is being a cosmetics influencer your life’s key role? How do you balance between your work & life?

Shou Chuan Chang Pepper: Influencer is just one of the few roles in my life. I am also a mother, a daughter and a wife. Each role is important and there is no conflicts. It is easy to manage my time.

AsiaKOL: What are the most notable comments you received from your fans?

Shou Chuan Chang Pepper: I have a very vivid memory about a “Photoshop case”. Someone was accusing me of using a photoshop and this person used a lot of reasoning to support his or her opinion. It really hurt me at that time. I find that when you post something, everyone reads the same words, but they get a different understanding. Some people may not like you and they would attack you for it. In the beginning when I read those comments, it really hurts. But now I have a different mindset. I am doing it for myself and self-love is important.


AsiaKOL: How do you normally interact with your fans? Do you have any interesting?

Shou Chuan Chang Pepper: I would sometimes have a lucky draw contest.

Last August, I had a little promotion where I said I would give 10 perfumes for one girl who shared my post. A very cheeky Fan said I was heroic for giving 10 perfumes to get one girl in return. It was quite funny.

AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!