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AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!

Convenience store launch of the mystery bag is now trending

Posted on 2019/02/25 13:58


Chinese people like to try their luck during the lunar the new year. Taiwan's major convenience store rushed to jump on the "New Year's Good luck bag” wagon. Follow AsiaKOL’s unboxing to see the FamilyMart, 7-11, Hi-Life, OK convenience store to see what surprise mystery bag has in store.

Observe this month's online trend, the FamilyMart bag total discussion number is higher than other competitors, why is it so? let us take look at!


Everybody's frantically snapping up the bag. Media, influencers first drive to the community wave

Facebook, YouTube and other social media from January are showing a lot of mystery bag unboxing contents. Some of it are from the official media account and some from Taiwan's KOL, sent a buzz to netizens. The unboxing videos are most often seen to focus on the prize, but is it really so easy to win the lottery? In fact, in the influencer drive this wave of community ethos, many people reflect that the bag is difficult to purchase because it was sold out. Some even bought five bags but did not win anything. The awards such as famous cars, television is almost all looking like dream! FamilyMart was the first one’s who launch mystery bags. As such they have accumulated the most buzz online.

With reference to image below, we have sorted out the information of each convenience stores. Every bag was accompanied by lottery vouchers except for 7-11. The highest awards include: A luxury premium car (Hi-Life, Family Mart, 7-11), A Luxury travel package itinerary (OK) and so on, but before winning the jackpot, people will have to endure repeated process of getting cheap drinks and snacks from the mystery bag.​


There's not much difference in the contents of the mystery bag. So, netizens laugh that it is convenient stores’ s way to clear inventory

Lucky bag is sold for about 100 to 299 TWD. It contains mostly of drinks & snack goods. Many influencers want to increase the film's unbox momentum by buying a large number of mystery bag, but after the data statistics, the drinks in the bag & snacks are repeatedly on the list, the items are much the same, for example: Pocky, cold tea, snack, etc.


Among them, the lucky bag goods also contain a lot of ordinary products which are less popular, Netizens criticized the mystery bag is a was of clearing inventory. They commented on online "disappointed, cry, sucks", even if the influencer help promoting the craze are unable to soothe the consumer's injured heart!


Why one creates a successful mystery bag marketing plan? Below three points are a must:

1. Inside and outside of the mystery bag has to good: Convenience stores should have more ingenuity in the content of the mystery bag. As such unboxing process would give more surprises and shock!

You can differentiate products and make the contents in line to the convenience store’s theme

2. Draw awards does not need to be expensive, but it needs to show sincerity: The bag Raffle coupons are mostly free commodity vouchers or coupons. Netizens even finds coupon for ice cream during the winter season. Due to this, some netizens have "complaint that the mystery bag is "not sincere" feelings, which would harm the image of the store

3. The mystery bag needs give consumers a sense that it is worth buying. Do not let people misunderstand that convenience stores are trying to clear their inventory. At least provide consumers a commodity obvious value for money "Good", in order to eliminate the consumer heart "help clearance" idea


In January 2019, after a series of influencer unboxes, news media reports, convenience stores successfully caused a large number of people rushing and queuing to buy bags. If the lucky bag does not to bring consumers a sense of surprise or shock, they might associate this event with inventory clearance. Next year, whether the bag will attract the people’s attention is a question! If you want to have an unique style, AsiaKOL through the recent and Accupass activities connectivity hand released the original import of "strawberry Bag", want to know more information about activities, please continue to look into the official website!

AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!