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Chinese Professional Baseball League cheerleader girl

Posted on 2019/05/02 16:49

Chinese Profession Baseball is started, and people loved the cheerleader girl which came with it as well. This year coincides with the 30th anniversary of the Chinese Professional Baseball, AsiaKOL from the arts industry field analyzed nearly four months of the “Chinese Profession Baseball” related hashtag of the influencers to show you which baseball showgirl the most popular.


The most popular Taiwanese baseball cheerleader girls

According to the AIE (Asia influencer Evaluation) Database Monitoring report of nearly four months worth of posts and feedback. The top was: 琳妲(Lamigirls)、羚小鹿(Lamigirls)、廖幼齒(Unigirls)、短今(Passion Sisters)及Shanshan姍姍(Fubon Angels)。We can find the beautiful appearance is only a the basic requirement. You also must virtuosic talented and be outstanding in the baseball team in response to the group.

From the Top5 cheerleading girl profile, we can see that cheerleading members usually work in several positions, often showgirl’s status are used to participate in the exhibition and endorsement of goods, but also for their own interests.  Chinese Professional Baseball has four teams, but Lion cheerleader girl are not in the top 5 as the other teams has stolen it away.


Those girls get a spotlight from cheerleading and it also help their showgirls’ job to get better prospects.

How does this girl go from “fan goddess” to “National influencer”? The identity of these baseball cheerleaders attracted the attention of fans, coupled with a variety of interests, talent and their activity on baseball group and social media. So, any cooperation of goods are more widely known, becoming the best voice to attract consumers.

Marketing post 1: coffee present box. Lamigirls羚小鹿 posted an unboxing & tasting post. Giving people a good impression on Lamigo coffee.

Marketing post 2: Must try when you are travelling. Fubon Angel Shanshan share chicken nuggets without sauce is still yummy and its better than famous fast food brands.

Marketing post 3: Must buy when you are travelling. After traveling, Unigirls ŸuKi shares the shopping list for fans reference.


Whether talented or attractive, as long as you have the personal characteristics, you have the opportunity to dominate the world in the social media network and have millions of fans. And these Taiwanese models and showgirls also get different attention because of the professional baseball cheerleading team. Coupled with fans support to increase their popularity, they are equivalent to YouTuber. Looking for KOL but do not know how to start, you can also try to use the AIE Asian Influencer Evaluation database, so that product marketing with be twice as effective!

AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!