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Top eSport influencers are revealed

Posted on 2020/03/02 14:31

Obtain million fans only by playing eSports!

Top eSport influencers are revealed

Earn money by playing online games? Based on latest report of Newzoo (an American games & eSports analytics and market research company), there are now more than 2.5 billion gamers across the world, spending $152.1 billion on games in 2019. With the fast-growing of eSports and livestreaming, which attract million of audiences, the market value of game live streaming are rapidly increasing day by day. This time, AsiaKOL will reveal the Top 100 influencers in eSports and live streaming field. Let’s discover how these influencers become successful only by playing games!

Based on the chart regarding breadth of influence ranked by AIE system (breadth of influence: total followers KOLs obtain from all social networks, the more followers they have, the higher the scores), AsiaKOL realizes that, different with KOLs from other fields, who are mainly active on Facebook and Instagram, eSport KOLs tend to focus on develop their YouTube channel. It means that, compared to the traditional social networks, which mostly for sharing photos, sharing videos on YouTube is likely more important to KOLs in e-game field. Besides breath of influence, interactions and key contents are two other elements of AIE system to reflect the advantages and features of KOLs.


Top 3 eSport KOLs with high breadth of influence: starting from an amateur

Personal narration in the video is the best chance for eSport KOLs to show up their personal styles on YouTube. For example, Top 1 eSport streamer Holger Chen (飆捍 -  館長陳之漢) with his straightforward talking style, sharing his own thoughts, attracts million of fans; while Top 2 Kouki (阿神), through the show named Midnight Bus, he shared his own stories and life experiences with soft and gentle voice, which becomes his personal feature later. After the show, he gained a huge number of fans, and developed to be a full-time YouTuber; At the same time, let’s take a look in Top 3 DE JuN. Besides live streaming eSports, his features include funny videos, reaction when watching Tik Tok, and the real scene of his game-working office.

The Top 3 in eSport live streaming field both start from an amateur, sharing their daily life and having distinctive style in speaking and reaction. Besides being a live streamer, Holger Chen also works as fitness coach, fashion brand founder, and lately collaborating with political figure. Different from Holger Chen, Kouki and DE JuN are only active in eSport online streaming on YouTube. Although these influences don’t have high reputation as celebrities at their starting point, their contents are more familiar to follower’s daily life. Due to this reason, the eSport KOLs tend to gain high Click Through Rate and positive response from followers after a period of time, just similar to the hot hit artists.


Great method to attract players: eSport KOLs x Brands

Esport KOLs have professional business models, and they normaly cumulate reputation through working in different fields. For example, Chang Chia-Hang (統神), Sandy & Mandy both used to collaborate with gaming brand, introducing all kind of games and mobile games through live streaming. From the responses of followers, the business potential of online streaming is totally revealed. Moreover, the recent hot hit action – Donate from followers is one of the trends that brands can’t underestimate. So, when eSport KOLs work with brands, not only it will raise the prestige of the KOL, brand’s product exposure to public seems to become higher.

However, the primary element for KOLs x Brands is  “The right partner”. Advertising without rigorous market reasearch might cause antipathy to audiences. This will seriously affect brand preference in followers and unsubscription to the influencers. Hence, we suggest before choosing a certain KOL to work with, brand should understand his/her advantages, personal styles and community characteristics.


Best 100 KOLs in e-gaming revealed! Holger Chen stands at the top

AsiaKOL reveals Best 100 KOLs in e-gaming by using our system AIE – KOL Evaluation Database (2019/1/1-2020/1/30). Beside the total followers in three biggest social networks, we also reveal other figures, such as key contents and interactions, with scores from AIE system as the main element to evaluate KOL’s performance:



The AIE – Asian KOL Evaluation Database can search for KOLs in specific fields with various categories, and analyze the important reference scores of KOLs such as interactions and breadth of influences, helping brands locate the “dream type” of KOLs, enhancing the accuracy of marketing campaign. If you want to know about community performance of Taiwan or international influencers, contact us for more details! [email protected]



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