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Nutrition Brands With International KOL

Posted on 2020/05/20 15:20

Nutrition Brands With International KOL – How To Boost Your Products Oversea?

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Regarding the development trend of local and oversea KOLs, since 2017, “Micro influencers marketing” has become the new ideal partner of brands. However, if one brand aims to expand its image promotion scope, local micro-influencers really have limit capability to reach consumers oversea. In this article, AsiaKOL’s going to reveal the secrets of this marketing method – Oversea micro-influncers, providing case studied of nutrition brands to analyze the contents and influencer’s network marketing, proving the high efficiency of oversea micro-influencers in related field.

The newborn marketing strategy – “Oversea micro-influencers”: New way to boost your products internationally!

Compared to the official influencers who have at least millions of followers, followers of micro-influencers are lesser. However, due to clear positioning and follower’s segmentation, along with advantages in pricing, micro-influencers have proved their efficiency in online marketing field, not just locally, but even internationally. After researching topics related to “Nutrition and health food” among the international KOLs, AsiaKOL would like to list out the case study of a Japanese nutrition food brand. Particularly, the brand invited a Taiwanese actress – Nysa (王上菲) and a Japanese micro-influencer Yuuki Shiina to promote the product. Comparing the duo, who both have followers less than 30,000 people, like counts of Nysa are far more higher than Yuuki Shiina, even gaining nearly 2,000 word-of-mouth popularity and comments from followers asking the in-store address.


Local VS Overseas: Power of Hong Kong’s micro-influencers in enhancing product visibility to Macau-Hong Kong-Taiwan

Even Hong Kong’s nutrition brands are boosting their products to oversea markets. Herein, AsiaKOL would like to list out the case study of two Hong Kong mid-tier influencers: Blogger Chan Ka Sin and Angel Tong. Chan Ka Sin mainly shares her own experiences as feature in writing content and adding  discount products for followers to hunt, while Angel Tong uses her unique “Detox Recipe” to introducing product features. Through the narrative content focusing on both graphics and text, along with detailed but easy-to-see layouts, the duo can easily boost product visibility to their followers in Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Small budget to create massive publicity: case study of Korean micro-influencers!

Let’s look at the case study of a Taiwan brand selling enzyme products. To be specific, the brand invited good-looking Korean micro-influencers as product embassadors to boost brand’s image. However, instead of Facebook, the brand aimed to expose their products on Instagram, in which the user segment is similar to its target’s ones. Moreover, Instagram tends to have higher conversion rate compared to other social networks, which is a great advantage in exposing products. Regarding marketing method, the Korean embassadors recorded videos of them drinking the products and orally introduced the features to followers. By doing this, they succeeded in attracting the audiences and leaving deep impression in them – the so-called potential consumers. 

These years, brands from various fields start to switch their marketing platform to social networks, and working with oversea influencers has become the top trend. However, this is literally a rough competition! AsiaKOL suggests that, to effectively apply micro-influencers as marketing strategy, brands should analyze and find out the most suitable micro-influencers, determining followers segment and networks that suit the product targets. Moreover, by adding creative contents and photos, create massive publicity with small budgets will soon become easier than ever!


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