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The Right Cross-field KOLs – the Right Solution

Posted on 2020/06/03 13:49

The Failure of “Princess Maker”Mobile Version:

the Right Cross-field KOLs – the Right Solution

The extremely famous game “Princess Maker” has officially been released on Steam since last year. However, AsiaKOL realizes that, as a well-established gaming brand, there are few discussed topics on the Internet. In this article, we’ll give insight into the online performance of this classic brand, which is transferred from PC to mobile verson.

The era of “Princess Maker” has ended?

“Princess Maker” was a series of life simulation, which was first released as PC version, becoming a legendary series in the 90s. The series was officially re-launched on Steam and Nintendo Switch last year, reignite the interest of players. However, as AsiaKOL compared the online popularities between “Princess Maker” and the similar mobile game “Princess Connect! Re:Dive”, the gap between them is nearly 40 times, and even no influencer discusses about the former.

The PC version of “Princess Maker” used to be extremely hot in the past. However, although the series was developed into mobile version, its discussion rate is reduced, gradually leaving the top position in game market to other brands. Used as case study, AsiaKOL is here to review the topic content and propose appropriate solutions.


Only two waves of discussion in three months: The marketing crisis of "Princess Maker" surely can’t be ignored

After giving insight to the discussion related to “Princess Maker”, it seems like there are only two waves of discussion this year, and the highest wave only reached 40 topics. Most of the topics are recalling childhood feeling, or unforgettable operation method. The discussions towards “Princess Maker” has been repeatedly raised by players, but they have really low continuity in the online community.

If a game is not widely discussed by the player group within three months, the gaming brand itself are said to be in crisis. Therefore, the brand’s marketing strategy is extremely important. Only by grasping the market trend and the player's focus on the topic can the game continues to exist.


Cross-field KOLs as the new strategy: boost the popularity into high-flying performance

The series of “Princess Maker” is famous as a classic and nostalgic game, but what is the next step when game discussion rate fails to reach the expectation? Let’s take example of other similar mobile games. Most gaming brands prefer to collaborate with artists, celebrities and influencers from various fields to create big bangs in the online community. Therefore, the best suggestion from AsiaKOL is to escape from the traditional marketing frame, trying to collaborate with diverse KOLs to reach different segments of players and followers. We believe this will exhance brand’s online popularity and improve selling performance!

According to the analysis of “Princess Maker” mobile version, both the popularity and discussion rate are not performing well, which has become a marketing warning for all gaming brands. Therefore, in order to win players' attention, we suggest brands should gain insight into the gaming market and understand the hot topics that netizens would like to talk about. And “Cross-field influencer” is an excellent strategy to win the attention of the public and promote monetization. AsiaKOL has more than 60 thousand Internet influencers databases, classifying into various categories. Based on our rich experiences in KOLs characteristic and gaming market, we can help brands to find the most suitable parents, boosting the game’s performance.

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