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For tourism operators, family travelers are one of the largest customer groups. As people's panic over the epidemic has decreased and family travel has gradually recovered, family-friendly hotels have become the first choice for family travelers in recent years. The travel itineraries and hotel recommendations of parenting KOLs are important for families. Besides gaining valuable parenting information, new parents can enjoy interesting interactions between KOLs and their children.

With the exclusive AIE database, AsiaKOL gains insight into The Top Parenting KOLs of 2023, along with discussions, trends, and related statistics about family-friendly hotels within the KOL social communities. Grasping KOL discussion trends and preferences, as well as seeking the parenting KOLs with high interaction rates and multi-platform exposure to help share travel information, family-friendly hotels can benefit from this and expand visibility as well as discussion rate.


1. Top 20 Parenting KOLs: Most Of Them Are Cross-field KOLs With Super High Influence Ratings

Every KOL is active on Instagram in the Top 20 Parenting KOLs list, with most of their influence ratings nearly reaching 5 points. Moreover, over half of the KOLs in the list prefer sharing diversified content, including travel, skincare and beauty, profit-sharing cooperation, etc. We suggest brands determine parenting KOLs with travel content as the priority choices in terms of collaborating for hotel promotion to maximize the effectiveness.

*For full list of Top Parenting KOLs of 2023, scroll to the end of the article.


2. Trending Topics Among Parenting KOLs About Travel Hotels: Chinese New Year And Summer Vacation Are The Peak Times For Family Travel Discussions

From AsiaKOL’s practical experiences, with parenting KOLs who often share travel itineraries, hotels are often the major focus. It can be seen from the discussion trend chart from January to October 2023 that, the Chinese New Year and summer vacation are the peak times for discussions about travel hotels. In fact, it’s also the best time to boost post-interaction. As Chinese New Year, winter and summer vacation are the best occasions to arrange family trips, brands can choose these to plan collaboration strategies with KOLs. If brands can continuously invite parenting KOLs with good interaction rates to come and experience the hotels and facilities, it will help to maximize the exposure of family-friendly hotel information during the peak tourist season.


3. Family-Friendly Hotel Discussion Focus Among KOLs: Japan And Tainan Become The Top Choices For Parenting KOLs

Taking an insight into the location distribution of family-friendly hotels mentioned by famous parenting KOLs, we find out that Japan is the top destination, followed by Tainan City. It can be inferred that, as the epidemic eases, Japan is prioritized as the foreign travel destination due to distance and exchange rate considerations. There are also many family-friendly hotels in Japan featuring healing-themed hotels that instantly attract children, and offer free stay events for children, which are quite alluring. Besides, Tainan is also the second top choice due to its specialty food and fascinating landscapes in the West Central District and the famous Old Street in Anping District.  There are several hotels in Tainan used to be recommended by KOLs that are worth a try: HOTEL COZZI, Crowne Plaza, Hotel Château Anping, etc. 


So what are the most frequently mentioned keywords and focuses when KOLs share family-friendly hotels with followers? According to keyword research conducted by AsiaKOL, “swimming pool”, “hot spring”, and “foods” are mostly mentioned.  In addition, hotels with themed rooms are one of the first considerations when choosing travel hotels among parenting KOLs. Hotel brands can also offer exclusive discounts for birthdays and specific festivals. In this way, KOLs will be more willing to recommend the hotels, which also allows followers to think of such hotels during special festivals. Moreover, family-friendly hotels can emphasize the features that KOL cares about when launching marketing strategies. Providing KOLs with their favorite features through their experience unboxing can help capture followers’ attention.


4. Promotion Methods of Family-friendly Hotel KOLs: YouTube videos and Instagram Reels In Parallel

     (1) The Unboxing Of Themed Rooms

Themed rooms in family-friendly hotels usually have various facilities or decorations designed only for parents and children, making the rooms not only a place to rest, but also a space for children to explore and discharge their energy. For this, “Themed Room Unboxing” has become the recent topic among many parenting KOLs. For instance, famous Youtuber @peter_and_susan shared a 10-minute YouTube video unboxing the Hahababy themed room of  Evergreen Palace Hotel Chiayi. In the video, the young parents explore and detailedly introduce every special area of the hotel with their children, providing an in-depth understanding of the hotel to audiences. Different from Peter and Susan, hot Instagramer Sena (@xxzyxxzy) shared her unboxing of the family room in the Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel through Instagram Reels. The short video featured the facilities and gifts prepared for children, along with moments of her children having fun. This has successfully attracted the attention and curiosity of followers to the details of the family room. Regardless of the length of the video, the effect of themed room unboxing is actually really good.


     (2) Detail Introduction With Situational Plot

YouTuber @Mosen_tv shared his experience in the Tainan Evergreen Plaza Hotel through the “Solo Father With Child In The Five-Star Parenting Hotel” video. The video featured a lovely dialogue between him and his child, introducing the hotel’s facilities and breakfast experiences while naturally providing audiences with reasons to choose the accommodation. Besides videos, KOLs can choose to approach followers with articles as well. Facebook KOL @fupo0626 uploaded a blog article, down to the smallest detail, introducing the specialties of Mega Hotel in Chiayi, as well as recommending foods and travel itineraries around the hotel. Moreover, the title ingeniously featured competitive price information that benefits the hotel’s search rankings on SEO, easily attracting families to consider staying during the summer vacation.


Become The First Choice In Family-friendly Hotel Through Real Experiences Of KOLs

In general, it is effective to boost marketing effect through the exposure and real experience sharing of parenting KOLs in the hotels. There are several methods to approach target customers, ranging from hotel specialty-central sharing, short videos to Stories. With rich experiences in working with hotels and our exclusive KOL database, AsiaKOL can compile a list of potential parenting KOLs with their characteristics and advantages for brands. Moreover, we are here to provide the most effective strategies to work with KOLs in promoting family-friendly hotels, helping brands to determine suitable candidates and seize the family travel market.


AIE - KOL Evaluation Database

The AIE – Asian KOL Evaluation Database can search for KOLs in specific fields with various categories, and analyze the important reference scores of KOLs such as interactions and breadth of influences, helping brands locate the “dream type” of KOLs, enhancing the accuracy of marketing campaign. If you want to know about community performance of Taiwan or international influencers, contact us for more details!
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AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!