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Posted on 2023/12/24 15:51



In this article, AsiaKOL will provide readers with insights into our Micro-influencer Marketing Campaign case study about Heng Leong Hang, distributor of the Japanese posture chair brand Style. Assisting Heng Leong Hang, several micro-influencers were invited to try the products, join in-person events, and share their experiences on social media. Combining various promotion methods, such as texts and stories, as well as attaching shopping links, the campaign succeeded in boosting brand exposure, achieving positive responses and conversion. 


Heng Leong Hang VS AsiaKOL In Micro-Influencer Marketing Campaign: The New Reputation Journey For Posture Chairs


Heng Leong Hang is well-known for its 60 years of experience in brand distribution. The brand’s mission is to provide customers with high-quality and life-improving products. This time, Heng Leong Hang cooperated with AsiaKOL, launching a campaign promoting a posture chair brand from Japan. The campaign featured various micro-influencers from different categories and backgrounds, introducing the product’s functions and usages from their actual perspective. During the two-month promotion period, 3 to 5 micro-influencers would expose the products through monthly posts and stories attached shopping links. In this way, customers’ buying desires were highly encouraged thanks to the actual usage scenarios, experience sharing and exclusive offers from such micro-influencers. This model also boosted post reach and brand exposure. 


Multiple Micro-Influencers Join In The Relay Marketing Campaign: Way To Win The Resonances

AsiaKOL selected 9 micro-influencers with different backgrounds for Heng Leong Hang’s distributed posture chair brand “Style”, collaborating for 2 months, including those who have medical backgrounds, sedentary people and mothers. From the in-person usage scenarios, resonances for followers were produced and their buying demands were raised as well.


The promotion campaign in April was designed to start from the career perspective. Many micro-influencers work in a sedentary occupation, which makes them sit for a long period. By sharing their experiences and taking real photos of using posture chairs in the workplace, they attracted fans' curiosity and favorability towards the product. Moreover, the brand also held a “Long-sit Contest” and invited micro-influencers to participate, using elements such as challenges and real tests to promote the efficacy of the product.

In addition to sharing real-life experiences, the promotion in May focused on daily life perspectives. The plan was to convey the importance of correct sitting posture from a medical perspective provided by micro-influencers working as nurses. Under this perspective, followers were reminded that the posture chairs could improve their sitting posture and relieve the burden on the spine caused by long-term sitting. On the other hand, when it comes to improving sitting posture, it is easy to think of mothers always telling their children to sit in the correct posture. Therefore, motherhood micro-influencers were used to amplify the needs of products at work and for children at home, successfully resonating with followers who are also mothers.


AsiaKOL Project-Based Service X Micro-Influencers: The Smart Choice For Highly Efficient Brand Marketing

In general, Hang Lung Hong collaborated with AsiaKOL to launch the Style Posture Chair campaign, using micro-influencers from diverse backgrounds, including mothers, nurses, teachers, etc. to introduce the features and usage scenarios of the product. Moreover, they were arranged to participate in in-person events, gaining many reaches, resonances from followers, high interaction rate and positive responses. Although the fan base of micro-influencers is small, their follower stickiness and shopping guide power are relatively strong. Compared with the high cost of single marketing of macro-influencers, the marketing cost of micro-influencers is lower. It is effective in deepening marketing efficiency by using multiple micro-influencers., achieving a long-tail effect. AsiaKOL's project-based consulting services can help brands determine suitable promotional angles and micro-influencers, develop marketing strategies through designated tasks, making cooperation more flexible.



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AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!