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Do you know that influencers can make money by talking about SEX

Posted on 2019/06/11 13:42

The themes that YouTuber talks about are varied and of course contains sex topics. AsiaKOL search YouTube video on adult topics in Taiwan from February to May 2019, to show you which influencer are very opening discussion about adult topics and what products are most often mentioned there.


Spicy adult topics focuses on sexy lingerie, dating APPs

Influencer share "sex artifacts"

According to the AIE (Asian Influencer Evaluation) Database's spicy topic statistics, it can be divided into four types of publications. According to the number of responses sent to each article, the YouTube videos of "Sexy lingerie" are the most popular, followed by the dating APP. Sexual love and props, and many topics come from influencer Misa Chiang.


Many adults avoid the sexual topics that they dare not talk about. The following influencers used social media as a topic at their leisure, such influencers like group WACKYBOYS, 在不瘋狂就等死, 廢宅妞 so on.




Representative work


It is influencer group, they have over millions of subscriptions and always been styled with big-scale spoofs, crazy and talking about a bit of porn.


我是蕾菈 I'm Lyla

One of member in WACKYBOYS, nickname is little Tang Sze-Wing. At present, the main theme of the film is mainly in the gender topics, which has attracted a lot of netizens' attention because of the spicy style.

蕾菈愚人節惡整!給酷炫吃威爾剛 獸性大發


Million of subscription group, too. This group is best at impressing netizens with sharp and crazy performances. In particular, the head of the group "游否希" is the most daring.

女人用情趣用品是否正常呢 今天來大解析

江佑真 本本

She used to be a member who在不瘋狂就等死. She also worked with YouTuber 駱克 to run the channel "厭世克本". Because of her pure and lovely appearance, she is known as the goddess Loli, a natural and lovely reaction that allows her to break through 300,000 subscriptions in just 4 months.


Misa Chiang

Taiwanese professional Cosplay, popular YouTuber, has the title of "老濕姬".

The theme of the film is mainly about the topic of sex, out of the box adult toys, and most of the scale is astonishing.




Recently hot YouTuber, the content of the film mostly tells sex from a female perspective, for example: how to promote sexual relations.


source:AIE (Asian Influencer Evaluation)

Observing the well-known masterpieces of the popular spicy influencers "Talking about sex", there are no taboos and various kinds of sexual topics, including: the sex toys, experience in using props, and matching software of friends. Take Misa and WACKYBOYS as an example. They jointly tried a variety of brand-sponsored “helping props” to let fans know about the product unconsciously while watching the movie, and then they became interested in sex toys. Some influencers are able to take about these sex products naturally, for example: WACKYBOYS changed the instant noodles source of the instant noodles into condoms and ruined other YouTubers. The film clip "How to do so much condoms and eat the sleeves will be cool" has become a topic of discussion among netizens.


There are not many influencers that dare to talk about sex, but there are countless fans who love to watch!

From the perspective of the community benefits of spicy adult conversations who talks about sex, is the best spokesperson for sex-related products! Influencers use funny conversations to convey product information, which not only greatly enhances the exposure of sexual products that can be discussed in closed doors, but also provokes fan perversion curiosity and then detonates the topic.


Take the keyword of Loli's "本本" as an example. "Introduction to the product" is a main audio-visual content. The analysis of the word-breaking words is based on the actual measurement of the product, such as: makeup remover, eyelashes. appear. Although the number of fans in 本本 only 360,000, more than 40% of her fans are "non-diving fans" who are willing to interact. Even if the number of fans is less than 500,000 influencers, as long as the text has high interactive benefits, the brand cannot be ignored!

When high profile influencers talk about sex, Sexy underwear or sexy brands can make good use of these unconcealed topics, even if the average person avoids talking about private things, they can be noticed on the Internet! In the selection of partners and the increase of product exposure information, sex toy manufacturers can refer to these large-scale speeches of Taiwan influencers. By using lively and vivid audio and video content, unconsciously promoting product practical information to the majority of people and thus increasing the sales of goods.


AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!