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Social Media Community x Micro-Influencer Trend

Posted on 2019/10/09 17:36

Latest marketing keywords "social media community x micro-influencer" trend

There are a lot of different social medias around today. Each with their own respective market share. Whichever platform has the best content who become the kind in this market. But how do you properly identify the right content for your users? How do you focus the right product to the right viewers? How do make a content that is relevant and usable for you for your marketing activities? Follow AsiaKOL and you will see the opportunities at social media.


Instagram Marketing Trends: "Interaction Rate is most important" followed by "Shopping Features" and "Story Dynamics"

According to the 2018 Taiwan Network Report, an inter-market research consultant, 52.3% of respondents said they watched livestream on social media with Line, Facebook and Instagram as the top three most frequently shopping platforms. Instagram created three features in recent years, such as Link with shopping platform, instastory guide for consumers, and analytics software to understand consumer’s insight with algorithmic recommendations to share with friends and relatives. These features are becoming the best weapons of brand marketing.

In addition to the above features, the brand also needs willing people to be hook! Unlike in the past, passively waiting for consumers to receive advertising, brands have instead engaged consumers "actively" by using UGC marketing to make consumers happy to promote their brands.

Instagram has a smaller audience. But Instagram users are more engaged.


Popular "UGC Marketing" combined with the platform to create brand noise and visibility

The term UGC is "User Generated Content" (UGC), which means that through marketing campaigns, you are motivated to engage in images, text, or various creations and take action to generate content.

When the content accumulates to a certain amount of discussions, it is likely to form a popular network, causing more netizens to compete to imitate.

So the brand or product can be a UGC as the carrier. This has better visibility. UGC applications are now widely used around the world, with well-known examples such as Starbucks' "White Cup Contest", which invites consumers to doodle on paper cups and hashtags on Instagram or Twitter.

Also take Taiwan UGC classic case, “peacock biscuits” as an example. With a large number of brands of peacock biscuit, Ovaltine, Hershey's taste, Food users have clocked in to share the positive and negative reviews of new products, its real present advantages. This accelerates the process for the consumers who have not yet tasted it but has the urge to buy.

UGC marketing often creates great creativity in the user's brainstorming, however, behind the "UGC marketing" that brings benefits to the brand, it is necessary to design carefully in advance to achieve double the effectiveness of integrated marketing!


Micro-influencer marketing, UGC influence more attracts fans' attention

How can you use UGC to promote your brand? In addition to the above cases, the most common is through the influence of the Key Opinion Leader (KOL, Key Opinion Leader) . AsiaKOL August Summer Drinks List, for example, sent 10 drinks with AKBOX, and widely recruit 100 influencers with a strict selection review, inviting everyone to wear a bikini and choose this summer's top 3 refreshing drink. This not only to attracted a lot of attention, but it also to brought a lot of interaction with fans!


Brand and micro-influencer joint co-brand cooperation has long been a marketing trend, recall this year," "selected Taiwan classic snack box" sent AKBOX snack box to micro-influencer for unboxing, and invited both domestic and foreign influencers to share on Instagram. Consumers love of the influencer will link the product to help the brand's natural publicity! In addition, the theme box activities are no longer limited to drinks and snacks. In the future we would introduce mother and child products-based, embrace the mommy box! Even sports health products related to health body box and other themes. Any industry can find a suitable AKBOX for their marketing!


For niche markets, the industry is not only for beauty and snacks but more importantly are deep-cultivated consumers is the key to the emerging marketing. Brand operators may wish to refer to AsiaKOL to provide micro-influencer and AKBOX services, and through systematic data analysis, to help brands to find the best partners, enhance media exposure and consumer shopping intentions with a successful purchase of goods!



AKBOX Program

Influencer trend is popular, the competition between brands is fierce, how to grab exposure? AKBOX through the influencer sharing, greatly enhance the community exposure, so that fans see the brand which enhances the willingness to spend!

Want to accurately hit the most suitable influencer either locally or oversea? seize the influencer business opportunities! please join AKBOX selected theme box program. With the use of influencer’s influence help the brand to obtain a higher network volume, so that you marketing activities become even greater!


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AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!