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AKTour is receiving positive comments! Always-on with KOLs (1)

Posted on 2020/02/04 15:40

AKTour is receiving positive comments! “Always-on” with KOLs to boost brand’s international awareness! (Part 1)

With the arising of social networks, KOLs and Youtubers have become a brand new type of marketing channels! KOL marketing not just affects consumer decisions, it also rocks the trend and attracts many brands for collaboration. In this case, how can we bring the combination of “Brand x KOLs” to a higher level? How can local brands take advantage of international KOLs to boost their competitiveness? Let’s look at AKTour’s previous case studies and seek new business opportunities with “Brand x KOLs”!


After losing Chinese customers, Taiwan’s tourism industry focuses on “Asian KOLs marketing together solution”!

In 2015, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Taiwan decreased significantly, but the number of visitors from "non Asia-Pacific region" continued to grow. According to the Ministry of Transportation - Tourism Bureau of Taiwan, the number of Chinese visitors to Taiwan faced huge decreases, and the situation remained unchanged until 2018. Instead, visitors from “other Asia-Pacific regions” (regions outside Japan, Korea, Malaysia, China and Hongkong) continued rising, even exceeded Chinese visitors in 2017, becoming Taiwan’s main sources of visitors. From here, we realize that, in addition to Northeast Asia and Chinese-speaking countries, visitors from Southeast Asia will be the main marketing objects of the "Brand x KOLs" strategy in the near future.

To attract tourists, the marketers in Taiwan tourism industry has constantly launched creative campaigns to seize the best opportunities. For example, in order to boost the tourism industry of Taiwan, the General Association of Chinese Culture collaborating with  Ministry of Transportation - Tourism Bureau to hold the “One Night in Presidential Palace” activity, inviting international KOLs to stay in presidential palace for one night. Besides, the organizers use Youtube as marketing channel, by releasing video in Chinese language and Japanese subtitle to introduce the Taiwan majestic landscapes to international tourists. Social network marketing is used even by the government, that’s why brands can’t miss out such effective tools!


AKTour professional team: easily connect the “Internaltional KOLs x Market x Brand” for brands

Nowadays, the national barrier is sucessfully broken by the social media. Users from all over the world can easily access foreign information through Internet. For this reason, community marketing even more relies on the triangular relationship of “International KOLs x Market x Brand”. What the AKTour professional team can do is handling all the process from “Choosing suitable KOL” to “Payment”, helping brands reaching the most suitable KOLs from outside the country.

In the process of “Brands reaching KOLs by themselves”, there are 7 elements: choosing suitable KOLs, cross-language communication, understanding culture differences, local social media, sending products, content marketing and payment. Each part of the process is literally a test of cultural differences. If brands misunderstand the local cultures, it’s not just a waste of time in finding suitable KOLs, understanding local platforms and designing content marketing strategy. Due to culture differences, the brands might accidentally make consumers feel offensive. For this reason, AKTour is made to become the helpful bridge between brands and KOLs, offering supports in KOLs market, culture differences and local platform solution.


Collaboration with restaurants and souvenir brands: Creating multinational brand awareness together!

Back to the case study of AKTour from September to November 2019, we created a project by combining the golden triangular relationship “Local culture experience”, “Multinational KOLs marketing” and “Multidisciplinary cooperation” to boost brand awareness. In the “Local culture experience” section, AKTour invited KOLs from Malaysia and Philipines to try the famous Taiwan Shabu Hot Pot in September. Through the experience sharing of KOLs, Taiwan local cuisines have successfully reached the followers from South East Asia regions.

In “Multinational KOLs marketing”, AKTour invited KOLs from Japan to a famous theme park in October, and took photos of KOLs enjoying precious moments in the park. Through the KOLs experience’s “actual record”, the impulse to travel of Japanese tourists is highly raised. Moreover, In November, AKTour also made up a campaign by inviting Korean KOLs to the workshop of Taiwan famous souvenir store, in which the KOLs can DIY their own gifts. During the campaign, KOLs are free to take photos and check in online to raise the brand awareness, and create impression to followers as well. Finally, AKTour first launched the “Marketing since boarding” project in the “ Multidisciplinary cooperation” section to combine restaurants, theme parks and souvenir shops, creating the perfect win-win situation!

We believe a new year has come, bringing many opportunities for Taiwan tourism industry! Here is a warm suggestion: to increase brand’s international awareness, besides evading the culture pitfalls passively, we should actively capture the three golden elements including “ “Local culture experience”, “Multinational KOLs marketing” and “Multidisciplinary cooperation”. So, what is the best way to improve marketing effectiveness? Let's await AKTour's premium marketing tips – "AKTour – Tour for KOLs (Part 2)”!




AKTour is receiving positive comments!

Every month, AKTour periodically invites international KOLs from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia to visit Taiwan and raise brand’s awareness. Through the combination of Taiwan local brands and international KOLs, creating chances for KOLs to experience Taiwan featured attractions , cuisines, accomodations and souvenirs, the gap between products and consumers are becoming closer. Moreover, by applying the diverse topic marketing approach, we also help improve brand awareness and KOL's reputation as well.

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AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!