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Zero Moment of Truth And KOLs

Posted on 2020/05/27 15:27

Zero Moment of Truth And KOLs:

The most effective marketing tool under social distancing!


As the Coronavirus pandemic has no sign of ease, people continue to keep distance with each other while business can’t stop sinking. Facing this tough time, AsiaKOL decides to launch the “Zero Moment of Truth and KOLs” strategy, listing out 4 important stages for influencers to boost the “Direct To Consumer”progress.

Stimulate consumer’s remote buying ambition: “Zero Moment of Truth and KOLs” has become the new solution

When buying an item, consumer usually go through a progress of finding information and making decision. This progress is so-called “Buyer Journey”. While “Zero Moment of Truth” happens during the journey, it is the key leading to buyer’s final decision.

Inspiring by the original “Zero Moment of Truth” concept, AsiaKOL launches a whole new strategy as “Zero Moment of Truth and KOLs”, effectively using digital virtual channels to reach consumers under the current pandemic situation. The startegy divides the buyer journey into 4 parts: exposure, interaction, direction and reuse. Through the marketing power of well-known influencers, the message of products will easily be sent to consumers. 

4 key stages of “Zero Moment of Truth and KOLs”: Exposure, Interaction, Direction and Reuse
As we’ve known, the common marketing strategies of influencers are contents and pictures, videos or promotions. However, this can’t be apply in some certain fields, such as real estates and video games. The mentioned marketing plan not only disperses the strategy, but also fail to push the results to the highest point, leading to ineffective marketing.

At this moment, “Zero Moment of Truth and KOLs” appears to become an interlocking, integral marketing journey and can be used to assess the result of each project.

4 key stages of “Zero Moment of Truth and KOLs”

Stage 1 - Exposure:

Exposure is known as the primary value of KOLs, by using their own popularity to make consumers acknowledge a brand or a certain product. The most common strategies include: Unboxing, Live Streaming, Context Marketing, Creation, Graphic marketing, Experience Marketing and Educational Marketing.

Stage 2 – Interaction:

To enhance the effect of Exposure, interacting strategies such as asking followers to do Q&A, tests, comments and ratings in exchanging for rewards can also be applied. This can help deepen the product impression in follower’s hearts, increasing their active in discussing about the products. Once becoming the hot discussed topic, information of products can easily be spreaded out to other similar consumers.

Stage 3 - Direction

After using contents to attract consumers who’re ready to buy, clear and quick direction to buying link or page is the next key step. Influencers can help consumers reach the input by tagging and sharing URL to official page or website of the products on their posts. Additionally, a discount code sharing by KOLs can highly boost consumer’s buying impulse.

Stage 4 - Reuse

From Stage 2 – Interaction and Stage 3 – Direction, information of potential consumers and experience sharings of old consumers can be gathered. All the gathered information can be reused in further marketing campaign, especially old customer’s experience sharings. Positive comments and experiences from former customers build higher credibility, boosting new customer’s buying impulse.

Nowadays, brand marketers mostly apply “Exposure” and “Direction” to boost conversion rate, but ignoring the full steps in “Zero Moment of Truth and KOLs”. Planning costs and information of potential consumers are not thoroughly used to promote products. At the following part, AsiaKOL is going to reveal the secret of two stages, which are normally ignored by marketers.

“Interaction” not only exposes products: Collect feedback from netizens to help brands understand consumer profiles

AsiaKOL believes that when building a marketing strategy, brands need to fully understand the consumer groups. Under the Zero Moment, by interacting with followers, brands and KOLs can find out the real demands of consumers. For example, people usually accept to do the test on a brand’s official websit, or fill in their information through a give-way link shared by KOLs. From here, brands can collect information about potential customers, and apply it to future advertising. What “Interaction” can do is not only expose the products, but also receive information from netizens. Sometimes, the marketing benefits are far more effective than normal live-streaming method. Through simple mini-games and give-away activities, in addition to the opportunity to increase the number of netizens to repost and generate topics, it is also convenient for brands to understand the contours of consumer groups, thereby making the next promotion more accurate.

Reuse with Letro UGC: Former customer’s buying experiences to boost new customer’s buying impulse

Have you ever experienced this product/service? Normally, when picking a restaurant for meal, we often pay attention to customer feedbacks regarding quality, service, etc, along with ratings from celebrities and KOLs (if any). This is also the final destination of Buyer Journey. Sometimes, a positive, or even negative feedbacks can change a potential customer’s decision and brand’s credibility in just one second. To this end, AsiaKOL extended our marketing strategy, using the "Letro UGC Integration Tool" jointly published by Japan and AlliedArchitects. To be specific, the software helps gather consumer’s feedbacks on IG and turn it into effective materials for further marketing campaign. By doing this, we can create positive impression towards potential customers, and at the same time, enrich marketing contents and boost consumer’s “Call To Action” (CTA).

Pandemic has no sign of easing. It is even more difficult to grasp customer behaviors, who are also experiencing financial tough time. Tre traditional markerting method should be changed. Brand marketers should step out from their comfort zones and be the first to reach customers. “Zero Moment of Truth and KOLs”, along with two key features (Interaction and Reuse) can really be effective in exposing products and boosting customer’s buying impulse, even when they’re staying at home!


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