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Posted on 2023/11/15 13:58




According to the report of Taiwan’s Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), the number of registered cats and dogs in Taiwan reached 2.22 million by the end of 2022, including 1.4 million dogs and 820,000 cats. Statistics from the Ministry of Finance of Taiwan also pointed out that sales of pet-related industries reached NTD$38.73 billion in 2022, with performance increasing by 46% in the past four years. Amid the trend of “pet parenting”, demands for pet supplies and related products have arisen accordingly.


You just can’t ignore the commercial opportunities from those little cute furbabies! The fact is, pet-related industry has surged by 46% in the past four years. This is a good time for brands to seek suitable Pet KOLs to promote related products and boost sales. With the exclusive AIE Database, AsiaKOL is ready to provide you with insight into Top Pet KOLs in 2023, as well as the most active KOLs in the social community. Read our article below and grab the opportunity right away!


1. The Reveal Of Top 20 Pet KOLs: Only Small Number Of KOLs Monopolize The Voice In The Community

The number of followers of every influencer in the Top 20 Pet KOLs list all has reached over 70,000. The overall proportion of pet micro-KOLs is relatively low, with up to 90% of the list being well-known KOLs with their own traffic. Besides, the Influence score of the Top 7 KOLs is as high as 5 points, and a small number of pet KOLs monopolize the voice in the community. Most of the KOLs on the list have Interaction scores at between 4 and 5. Hence, brands can cooperate with the KOLs with high Interaction scores in product promotion or live streaming, which will most likely achieve good results. It’s worth noting that over half of the content creators on the list are active in various fields, such as Funny and comedy, Food and drink, etc. This can benefit pet restaurants and brands when collaborating with KOLs for pet-related co-branded product launches. 


2. Active Fields Of The Top 20 Pet KOLs: 60% Of Them Cross The Line To Food, Fun and Profit-sharing Fields

Up to 65% of the most favorite 20 Pet KOLs choose to invest their content in different fields, while only 35% focus on the single pet field. They normally feature content about Food and drink, Gaming, Funny and comedy along with the original pet category. Some of the notable cases are YouTuber @Annie72127 cooperated with a restaurant to promote cuisines with lovely cat shapes; @Lady Flavor launched cat-related nutritional products and her cat food brand. 


On the other hand, Pet KOLs following the group buying and profit-sharing cooperation model account for a part of the proportion. For instance, @pei0608tw and @Fa-tiao usually open group-buying promotions for daily supplies. It’s worth the brands to consider alliance marketing with Pet KOLs when promoting products, using multiple channels to divert product traffic.


3. Social Platforms Of The Top 20 Pet KOLs: Facebook And Instagram As The Main Channels

Up to 75% of the Top 20 Pet KOLs invest their content on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube at the same time. The content forms are relatively diverse, ranging from graphics and text to audio and video, providing various channels for brands to expose their products. Among them, the platforms that Top 20 KOLs choose to focus on are Facebook and Instagram, as such, the two major social platforms are mainly basic channels for sharing pet pictures and texts. For instance, content creators featuring pet illustrations, such as @kesanitw, usually won’t run a YouTube channel, but only use Facebook and Instagram as their main platforms. Those who are active on YouTube will probably share more videos about interactions with pets, or records of their own life and travel experiences.


Looking at the average number of followers on the above three platforms, although the proportion of Top 20 Pet KOLs on YouTube is lower, their number of followers is actually equivalent to that of Facebook. With such a large follower base, Facebook and YouTube can be used as the main platforms for cooperation between brands and Pet KOLs. When running KOL marketing campaigns in the future, these two channels are suitable for diverting product traffic. On the other hand, the number of Pet KOLs’  followers on Instagram is small, which is not conducive to directly attaching product links. However, they can still place product links through Story to increase product exposure and interact with followers, so as to increase inquiries about the product.



4. Introduction To Top 3 Pet KOLs: Cats Take The Lead

In the Top 20 Pet KOLs ranking list, the top three include @fumeancats, @annie72127 and @corgimango. As the first on the list, @fumeancats has more than 4 million of followers, being the most popular Pet KOL, followed by @annie72127 and @corgimango, who also have more than 1 million fans. The interaction rate among these three is also the highest among the Top 20, having full influence in the community.


@fumeancats features many peripheral products and his own shopping website, which is quite large in terms of business model; In addition to sharing the daily life of the four cats, @annie72127 will also upload interesting videos, such as the cat high jump challenge, song cover and unboxing videos, allowing the public to understand the daily life of the cat owner in addition to the cats themselves. Finally, @corgimango is the only Dog KOL among the top three, who also runs a dried mango store in Yujing District, Tainan. Let’s take a closer look at the Top 3 Pet KOLs:


      1) TOP1—@fumeancats

With 8 lovely moggies (Mixed breed cats), @fumeancats features A-ma as the cat leader, along with Judy, Three legs, Socles, Lulu, Yu-zu, Clyster and Dudu as his adorable team members. The cat owners, Zhiming and Limao share the daily lives of the cats and peripheral products in the community. In addition to sharing photos on Instagram, they post comics about A-ma and launch Line stickers, which are loved by many fans. Besides, under the influence of their seven books about cats, their popularity can be said to be quite high in the community.


      2) TOP2—@annie72127

As the Top 2, @annie72127 is a sweet and cute YouTuber, who became the first female creator in Taiwan to reach one million subscribers in 2017. Being a diversified YouTuber, besides sharing the daily life of four adorable cats on Instagram, she also attracts followers with her daily life posts. @annie72127 adopted four cats, including Apa, Ola, Oli, and Ulu since she was in college. Later, she began to enter the singing field, opening the singing channel Annie Singing and uploading her cover works. Her content also features unboxing articles about traveling abroad.


      3) TOP3—@corgimango

@corgimango has over 200,000 followers on Instagram, featuring three lovely corgis. As the owner is famous for selling dried mangoes in Yujing District, Tainan, his channel was named Corgimango. The three sweet corgis include Jiujiu, Dada and Duoduo. In addition to cute photos of the corgis appearing on social media, the owner has recently taken many witty and cute short videos, which are very popular among netizens.


Pet parenting has become the latest modern trend, with cats taking the lead among the Top 3 hottest Pet KOLs. Besides cooperating with brands, we also witnessed the rise of selling peripheral products and group-buying promotions. How to promote pet products has now become a “science” for brands to invest their time in. Having good products is not enough. Brands also need to seek the most suitable Pet KOLs and enhance brand awareness through these cute pets and their professional owners.

Just to remember that, do not be limited to a single marketing method when it comes to product promotion. AsiaKOL is here to provide brands with several marketing choices, from KOL Live Streaming Campaign, Brand Ambassador Campaign, Overseas KOLs Marketing Strategy to Micro-KOLs Mission Campaign. Under our services, brands can easily decide which KOL to collaborate with to enhance product visibility and favorability, as well as to attract more potential customers. 



AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!