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Posted on 2024/05/02 10:04




According to figures from the AI platform,  Taiwan ranks fifth in the global mobile game market in the first half of 2023. Besides, the 2023 Astra Esports Awards held early this month invited the well-known gaming KOL Toyz to be the award presenter, which triggered huge discussions leading to over 10,000 social volume and making Taiwan’s gaming KOL community become the center of attention. It’s time to raise a question: how does the gaming industry capture the trend and players’ attention, as well as achieve positive comments through KOL marketing? With AsiaKOL’s exclusive AIE database, the article integrates and lists the Top 100 Taiwanese gaming KOLs in 2023, dives into the characteristics of KOLs with excellent performance and high interaction rates in the community, and the ways to make full use of their advantages.


      1. The General View Of Top 20 Taiwanese Gaming KOLs 

From the ranking of the Top 20 Taiwanese Gaming KOLs, it is obvious that every gaming KOL runs Facebook and YouTube. Here is the funny point: The follower number of @loboisgood, which ranks first, is not particularly outstanding. The key to ranking first is that its interaction and content scores are as high as 5 points. When choosing a gaming KOL for the campaign, the number of followers is not the central focus, but rather the interaction rates. Besides, in the Top 20 gaming KOLs, half of them are active in a single field while the other half choose to run content about fashion, fitness, and travel along with their main gaming field. 

*Scroll to the end of the article for the full list of Top 100 Gaming KOLs in 2023.


      2. The Social Platform Of Top 100 Gaming KOLs

Given the proportion of social platforms, YouTube occupies the most active KOLs, with only one KOL skipping it. As video is the main content form to interact with audiences in the gaming KOL community, YouTube featuring video content has attracted most KOLs on the list to build the profile on such notable platform. Followed by Facebook, with 94% of the KOLs running the profile, as Facebook is more suitable for sharing content from YouTube. In contrast, fewer KOLs choose to focus on building Instagram as the platform’s main users are women, while gamers are mostly men.


      3. The Gender Distribution And Difference In Building Platform Of 100 Gaming KOLs

In terms of gender distribution, the ratio of men to women among the Top 100 gaming KOLs is quite disparate, with male KOLs accounting for as high as 65%, while female KOLs still account for a smaller number on the list. Besides, both genders are different in social management. Male gaming KOLs have the largest number of subscribers on YouTube as they prefer watching videos for gaming information; while female gaming KOLs are more inclined to share information about offline physical activities or daily life events. Therefore, on Facebook and Instagram, which mainly feature pictures and text, the fan base of female KOLs is relatively high.


    4. Diving Into The Topics Of Top 100 Gaming KOLs

In addition, among the Top 100 gaming KOLs, there are up to 67% only operating in a single field, while 33% are active in multiple fields. If game promotion and player attraction are the main targets, brands are recommended to choose single-field KOLs. In contrast, collaboration with cross-field KOLs can extend beyond gaming fields. For example, gaming and fun cross-field KOLs can conduct commercial cooperation through live streaming or humorous content, while cross-field KOLs in gaming, fashion, and trends can collaborate on gaming peripheral products to capture niche audiences and make the marketing audience more precise.


      5. The Interaction Of The Top 100 Gaming KOLs

Observing the social interaction performance of the Top 100 gaming KOLs on Facebook and Instagram, AsiaKOL found that KOLs with excellent interaction are good at shooting short videos and writing humorous social posts. In addition to discussing diverse topics, they also show a variety of aspects to netizens.


      (1) Top 20 KOLs In Facebook Interactive Performance

Ranking based on the number of interactions on Facebook posts of the Top 100 gaming KOLs, the champion "Notorious" has more than 3 million followers, with large interaction numbers. On the other hand, KOL “SHINN” only has around 20,000 followers on Facebook. But the social content providing channel peripheral information or animations that he is interested in still attracts many fans, which helps him rank first in terms of interaction rates, along with high fan stickiness.         

      a. The Champion In Facebook Interaction Numbers - Notorious

As the founder of Genghis Khan Fitness Club, KOL Notorious has been deeply involved in the social community for years, mainly sharing content across the fields of gaming, sports and fitness, and current affairs discussion. Besides featuring game live streaming, Notorious will also express personal opinions about ongoing events from a sharp perspective, or publish interesting short videos, such as fitness, visiting DONKI TAIWAN and other daily life videos, which resonate with netizens and generate a high number of comments. He has over a million followers on both Facebook and YouTube. Especially on Facebook, each post has an average of nearly 10,000 or more than 10,000 interactions, proving he has a loyal following.


      b. The Champion In Facebook Interactive Rates - SHINN

SHINN's Facebook mainly shares animation and peripheral information. He wins appraisals thanks to attractive photos. However, he runs YouTube as the core platform, with 340,000 subscribers, featuring content series such as "Pokémon Memoirs" and "SHINN Talking about Gundam", which have been well received and gained a high number of views. SHINN’s channel also has a membership subscription as an extended business model. The membership subscription mainly shares game character analysis and explanations. Besides, with an easy-to-understand style of content conveyance, the KOL has won the favor of many viewers along with extremely high interaction rates.


      (2) Top 20 KOLs In Instagram Interactive Performance

Ranking based on the interaction numbers of Instagram posts, we found that among the Top 100 gaming KOLs, the top Instagram KOLs with outstanding post interaction numbers and interaction rates are "@ruge1222" and "@black_cat_teacher". Both of them are good at attracting followers with humorous short videos, texts and photos.


      a. The Champion In Instagram Interaction Numbers - @ruge1222

Hot Instagramer @ruge1222 mainly features game live streaming and funny reels about his daily life. He can even present the content collaborating with brands very interestingly to attract a large number of interactions in each post. Besides, his little sister RuMei sometimes joins his videos to share details about the family's daily life.


      b. The Champion In Instagram Interactive Rates - @black_cat_teacher

KOL @black_cat_teacher’s reels are quite special. He sometimes presents his own opinions or short stories in the form of animation, even with group-buying promotion content. The interaction rates from followers are relatively high due to the delightful entertaining topics. He also shares reels about lovely pets, daily life sneak peeks and group-buying information. Therefore, 

Brands prefering to cooperate with @black_cat_teacher can consider pets and group buying as useful approaches to potential audiences.


      6. KOL Marketing To Assist Brands In Enhancing Reputation In Social Community

As the gaming industry booms, competition among brands becomes more intense. Hence, making good use of KOL marketing has become an important approach for brands to attract new players. Brands can actively cooperate with the above-mentioned KOLs, who are well-known for good interaction rates, to launch content, activities and peripheral products that attract potential players. Moreover, brands can also increase game download rates, deepen community reputation, and gain good marketing results through live streaming. AsiaKOL is here to provide A-to-Z consulting services in KOL marketing. With our exclusive AIE database which embraces a complete list and information about KOLs, we can provide brands with several essential services such as conducting KOL choices, making up creative campaigns, monitoring project execution, etc. This article also provides a full list of Top 100 gaming KOLs. Readers are welcome to fill in the information below to request a free download! 


AIE - KOL Evaluation Database

The AIE – Asian KOL Evaluation Database can search for KOLs in specific fields with various categories, and analyze the important reference scores of KOLs such as interactions and breadth of influences, helping brands locate the “dream type” of KOLs, enhancing the accuracy of marketing campaign. If you want to know about community performance of Taiwan or international influencers, contact us for more details!
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AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!