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AKTour is receiving positive comments! Always-on with KOLs (2)

Posted on 2020/02/12 14:51

AKTour is receiving positive comments!

“Always-on” with KOLs to boost brand’s international awareness! (Part 2)

In part 1, AsiaKOL took us to an overview of KOL tours to experience Taiwan culture. In this sequel, we will share the best marketing "secret" in brand awareness boosting!

Avoid making mistakes when operating with KOLs: AsiaKOL reveals the “Do” and “Don’t”

Let’s figure out what are the common mistakes you may encounter when cooperating with KOLs, along with 6 unique features of AKTour to help you win the battle!

Donts No. 1

Being too over focused on KOLs and forget about their followers!
Brands normally focus only on analyzing KOL’s popularity. However, the main element in winning the battle of online marketing, is understanding the end-users. Sometimes, even a large budget and an extremely hot influencer may fail in reaching the right customer segment, if a brand forgets to analyze who its trying to sell to. Hence, what KOL Evaluation Database – AIE aims to do is analyzing the follower composition of KOLs and seeking out the most suitable one for brands. We believe it’s not about any super famous A-list influencers. It’s about the right one, to maximize the effect of brand’s marketing campaign.

Donts No.2 

Great slogan, but not so great...action!
When observing some Brands in KOL’s content, we realize that, there are so many international KOLs that has never use the products that they’re working with, which seriously decreases product persuasiveness. To help brands avoid from encountering such sensitive mistakes, AKTour aims to create tailor-made themed trip for brands,  by inviting KOLs to Taiwan for actual experiencing and enhancing product persuasiveness.

Donts No.3 

The end of the co-op activity DOES NOT MEAN The end of marketing effect!

After a successful cooperation with KOLs, brands should ask themselves: What to do next? Social media is actually a kind of "Our" Media. The opinions or feedbacks shouldn’t just come from influencers, they should come from followers as well! Hence, what AKTour would do is continuely observing the content uploaded by followers (Or we called User Generated Content, UGC). From the feedbacks, we start preparing for the next marketing strategy, maximizing the marketing benefits.

Three keywords of AKTour: Data analyze, Actual experience and Re-marketing

After reviewing AKTour’s previous case studies, we can confidently state that: data analyze, actual experience and re-marketing are our three main advantages. To be specific, through AIE - precision filtering system, analyzing KOL’s follower composition, AKTour helps brands in seeking out the suitable KOL for accurate marketing strategy, along with a flexible budget. Moreover, our professional team aims to design a tailor-made themed trip to create the best experiences for KOLs which helps brands avoid from being compared with competing products. We do not stop here! after the show comes to an end, AKTour still follows up with UGC for re-marketing & creating positive word-of-mouth benefits for brands.

Hence, AKTour’s KOL tour includes the following features:
❶ AIE – precision filtering system
❷ Understanding KOL’s follower composition
❸ Flexible budget
❹ Themed trip
❺ Inviting KOLs to Taiwan for actual experience
❻ UGC re-marketing

A new step for the AKTour marketing team in 2020: first time to Southeast Asia for international brand cooperation!

The rise of social networks and the influencers has created a new trend in the marketing world - Brand x KOL. By working with international KOLs, local brands not only easily improve brand awareness, but also create opportunities for foreign visitors to know about the brands and products right before they arrive Taiwan. We believe this is a worthwhile way to stimulate consumer spending!

In 2020, our professional marketing tour has stepped out of our comfort zone – Taiwan - and accepted new challenges. In late January, we took Taiwan’s KOLs to Vietnam and creatively boosted the local brands wth our professional strategy. The brand-new marketing method has broken the traditional framework, creating opportunities for KOLs to interact with each other, and increase the “hot fame” for products. Moreover, corresponding with the “Heading To South” strategy of Taiwan, our new marketing way not only boosts native tourism, but also raise awareness for both national and international brands.  AKTour’s themed trip is becoming one of the next leading marketing methods with innovative marketing strategy and multi-brand collaboration experiences. If you’re having trouble boosting brands, why not contact us?

AKTour is receiving positive comments!

Every month, AKTour periodically invites international KOLs from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia to visit Taiwan and raise brand’s awareness. Through the combination of Taiwan local brands and international KOLs, creating chances for KOLs to experience Taiwan featured attractions , cuisines, accomodations and souvenirs, the gap between products and consumers are becoming closer. Moreover, by applying the diverse topic marketing approach, we also help improve brand awareness and KOL's reputation as well.

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AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!