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6 tips for interactive marketing to help your brand

Posted on 2021/02/23 15:38

Break the “one-way communication”

6 tips for interactive marketing to help brand find potential consumers!

In this article, AsiaKOL will reveal the “Interaction” stage among the 4 keys from “Zero Moment of Truth and KOLs” strategy. Through 6 creative interactive skills, which is customer-centered, brands can find out the potential customers, increase the conversion rate of the next marketing campaign while satisfying the customer's demand.

The most critical part in marketing funnel: determine potential consumers through “Interaction”

In the "Interaction" stage of the marketing funnel, brands should catch the chances and improve subsequent interaction with consumers, approaching the potential customers and find out their demands. Interaction is a good chance to boost brand awareness and enhance customer’s favoribility towards brands. Moreover, through follow-up tracking and contact, brands can easily discover the potential “super customers”.

To be specific, AsiaKOL divides the interaction stage into “6 key interactive experiences”, using different mechanisms to decide the positioning of potential consumers.


KOL s to expand the breadth of consumer reach – apply 6 interactive experiences to narrow the range
Why KOLs are the perfect bridges for this practical “Interaction” stage? The answer is, every KOL has his/her own followers, along with high influence on specific consumer groups. Collaborating with KOLs not only extends the customer reaching to increase brand exposure, but also helps brands and customers to establish a connection through frequent communication and interaction. Through user’s  feedbacks, brands can construct the appearance of the consumer group and promote diversified benefits. This also proves the importance role of KOLs in the "Interaction” stage.


When it comes to “Zero Moment of Truth”, we should mention the “6 keys interactive experiences”- the in-depth method to strengthen the communication between KOLs and followers, which can help brands locate potential customers:

1. Questionnaires:  collect user’s information, opinions  and suggestions through questionnaires. This helps brands to understand the customer segments. To increase follower’s participating willingness, lucky draw and free trial package can be applied as rewards.

2. Quiz with lottery:  a small quiz can arouse user’s curiosity towards products and quiz results. Quiz can be available at both Line, FB and IG to collect user’s information for future usage.

3. Q&A: KOLs can find out follower’s fondness through “Poll” or “Q&A”feature in Story. This method enables followers to have direct interaction with KOLs, in which they’re definitely willing to join. This method is suitable for simple market survey.

4. Comments for rewards: followers tag friends to earn rewards. This motivates followers to create a high number of comments, not only brands can obtain their needs and opinions, but also have the opportunity to increase product exposure through algorithms.

5. Game activity:  followers leave information to join a mini-game. A lottery activity can be integrated to encourage more followers to join in. Game design can also focus on product concepts and features to increase promotion opportunities and strengthen brand impression.

6. Check-in activity:  followers check-in the activity by using hashtag. This enables brands to collect list of user accounts and allow followers to adtively advertise for brands. Lottery activity is mostly integrated to encourage more participants.


A strategic weapon for potential consumers! Old customer experiences to boost new customer’s orders
Compared with normal marketing method, KOLs delivers product-related messages through "6 keys interactive experiences" can greatly increases the reaching chances to multiple follower’s segments. Regarding this, AsiaKOL will explain the details practicality of interactive experience.


Collect customer information, build awareness, and invisibly create consumer profile

Let’s take an example regarding the practicality of “Interactive experience”. When you receive a trial kit as reward for participating a certain brand’s questionnaire, would you feel good about it? If yes, the connection between you and the brands has started! Most followers are willing to participate when KOLs using three key activities “Questionnaires”, “Quiz with lottery” and “Q&A”. This can boost the willingness of potential customers to purchase, as well as enable brands to obtain follower’s demands and suggestions. We called this – the two-way interactive marketing.


Product exposure from old customers to boost next customer’s willingness to buy

 “Stay-at-home economy” continues to grow! Some must-have recommendations and limited offers promoted by KOLs can increase follower’s willingness to buy. Many of them even become the brand lovers after that! “Comments for rewards”, “Game activity” and “Check-in activity” can be integrated to boost follower’s willingness to tag and share. From this, brand’s influence is extended and more potential customers are reached!


It is worth mentioning that most of the brands on the market focus on the check-in part between KOLs and followers, in an attempt to greatly increase product visibility. AsiaKOL and AlliedArchitects,Inc. have launched Letro, an UGC Centric Marketing Platform. Through the experiences of KOLs, the chain effect within community can be brought up, and the posts with the same hashtags on the social platform can be integrated to emphasize the product characteristics. Brand online marketing is not only easier, product awareness and positive reviews will be highly boosted through user’s sharings!

In “Zero Moment of Truth”, “Interaction” stage plays the role to help brands discover potential customers. Through collecting user’s information and opinions, brands can determine customer segments and groups. To strengthen the stage, AsiaKOL creates “6 keys interactive experiences”, working with KOLs to reach more users, collecting information and enhance brand awareness. When you successfully locate the potential customers, it’s time to prepare for the next marketing campaign!



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AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!