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AsiaKOL and Letro Jointly Conference Release

Posted on 2019/03/18 13:44

AsiaKOL and Japan AlliedArchitects,inc. jointly published the Japanese million Netizen word-of-mouth killer tool – “Letro”

AsiaKOL held a joint conference release on “AsiaKOL and Letro micro-influencer chain effect” at the Regent Taipei on the afternoon of March 15th and invited 200 professional brand marketing managers and public relations consultants from Taiwan to join hands. AlliedArchitects, a Japanese cooperative company, published the "Letro Official Chinese Version", which allows us to use an influencer’s post to bring a community chain effect, as well as "user original content" and Using netizen word of mouth to reconstruct marketing.

This conference was invited to AsiaKOL founder and CEO Chen Yushu, Japan Allied Architects Letro product manager Yamato Muraoka and AsiaKOL project manager Tsai Wuzhen and Li Guanhui for UGC (User Generated Content) application and micro influencer trend to share.

AsiaKOL CEO Chen Yushu pointed out that "micro-influencer marketing" is a trend, if the brand can effectively use the consumer's Internet word of mouth, there will be opportunities to arouse the curiosity of users and ask for trial. Mr. Yamato Muraoka product manager from Letro, Japan, went on to explain the actual case of Letro's brand in Japan. By integrating Instagram with the same markup, it emphasizes the positive evaluation of the product, which makes the brand line easier too.

In the second half of the event, AsiaKOL project managers Tsai Wujun and Li Guanhui shared the marketing and e-commerce strategy of cross-border micro-influencer from Japan and South Korea, Using different social platforms to effectively spread product information. At the scene, there is a special event on the Instagram, check in #LetroTW can get limited AKBOX". AKBOX is an exclusive program of AsiaKOL, which integrates up to five different brands of products and through influencer unboxing gives audiences impression of the brand.


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AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!