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AsiaKOL & Letro Joint Conference “Micro-influencer” makes wave

Posted on 2019/07/09 12:52

AsiaKOL and Letro Joint Conference “Micro-influencer” makes waves in

E-Commerce marketing

AsiaKOL shared about micro-influencer business and teaches you how they can convert followers to sale to achieve awesome sales performance through Instagram


AsiaKOL held a lecture on "The Rise of Micro-influencer E-Commerce - Sharing Power, Person Power, Sales Power" at the Grand Conference Center in Taipei, Taiwan in 5th July 2019. AsiaKOL invited honorable representatives from Facebook and Allied Architects, Japan to share on the successful strategy of Instagram marketing, through user word-of-mouth UGC integration and reuse, to achieve secondary exposure, and grow your sales even more.

As a leader in Taiwan's social media, Facebook Greater China Acting General Manager of Commerce Zhu Yijing points out that for the business brand image, Instagram can achieve excellent results, especially due to the time-limit dynamic function. In various communities, it can lead to explosive growth. If company utilized Instastory, this interactive marketing are able to find new business opportunities thus creating substantial business results.

AsiaKOL project manager Philip believes that "brands must know Instagram marketing skills". This includes selection of materials, cooperation algorithms and how to improve the probability of content being seen, and then using the existing fan network to create higher dissemination benefits. AsiaKOL's exclusive "micro-influencer profit marketing" can convert the click-through rate into sales rate. Helping with e-commerce.


For consumers, constant exposure in high-quality content can improve the memorability of the brand, and UGC is the key in creating high-quality! After all, Instagram marketing is mainly based on community mechanisms, through stickiness and brand memory deepening to strengthen the link with consumers. This will be able to effectively improve the brand community marketing and e-commerce business benefits.

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AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!