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AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!

The secrets of influencer’s economic

Posted on 2019/09/10 12:50

The secrets of influencer’s economic – Overseas KOL are exposing Taiwanese products via sightseeing

A Report on AsiaKOL conference on KOL. Influencers influence based on our data and its impact

Today AsiaKOL organized a conference about how overseas influencers does their brand marketing and how they are being creative about it. We invited a few influencers to have a face to face open discussion in the conference to discuss about their success story and share some of their cross country cooperation tips.

I-Buzz research’s founder, Li Rong Zhang notices that the tourist to Taiwan in 2018 is much lesser than 2017 (12 million times lower) and the drop continues in 2019. It has a considerable impact on the tourism industry. They key to brands not being effected by this drop is to understand the needs of foreign tourist and meeting this needs to get them into Taiwanese stores.

AsiaKOL’s founder, Chen Yu Shu interviewed 3 KOL (Weng Qian Qian, Chen Cai Qing, BigStomach Birds 77 ) to share with us their experiences with brand cooperation. Top discussions include the importance of number of followers and the wrong perception of it, impressions of followers that KOL post are mostly sponsored content and issues with fake followers. Our 3 KOL guest suggest that when choosing a KOL for online marketing, it should be measured by multiple indexes and there should be a mutual respect between KOL and the brands.


Ye Ksi Lin, Director of data analysis at I-Buzz Research who has analysed the industry trends pointed out that in this era where everyone can buy a ticket easily to travel around the world, domestic tourist are not as high as before. However, if you are able to make good use of KOL or related marketing for your brand overseas, you will definitely increase the number of tourist to Taiwan and become on of the most popular tourist spots in Asia.


Tsai Wu Jun, Marketing Director of AsiaKOL proposed a brilliant solution with the AKTOUR.

AKTOUR allows KOL to travel to all kinds of scenic spots in Taiwan & communicate with specific brands during their trip. And this are all published on the popular SNS platforms in various counties, though the influence of influencers. Taiwan’s brand awareness in other Asian countries will be enhanced and it will help us to explore new cross border markets.

IF you would like to know more about AKTOUR, do contact us below:
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AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!