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Thanks to influencers even postpartum corsets can be sold to men

Posted on 2020/04/08 13:55

Thanks to micro-influencers, even postpartum corsets can be sold to men!

To win the battle of digital marketing, do brands can only rely on those “S-class celebrities and influencers” to boost popularity? In the era of digital natives, “micro-influencers”- whose followers tend to have higher loyalty – have ruled the world of digital marketing due to their massive follower groups, reasonable marketing price and diverse active fields. In this article, AsiaKOL’s going to use postpartum corsets as case study, proving that corsets are not only for new mothers, thanks to micro-influencers, the products can now be selled to even male users!


Corsets are not only for afterbirth recovery, they also do something with bearing!


People would think about “afterbirth mothers” when it comes to corsets, as advertisers mostly use image of mothers and their experiences to conduct marketing campaign for such products. However, looking at the top posts in hashtag #corsets of Instagram, AsiaKOL realizes that followers pay more attention to use of corset to mix and match of micro-influencers, rather than its original usage.

Micro-influencers share their contents and photos as a user of corsets, attracting followers with the elegant bearing brought by corsets. Moreover, through interaction with followers, micro-influencers can easily enhance product’s popularity and actual buying chances. In spite of lesser followers compared to official influencers, followers of these micro-influencers tend to have higher loyalty as their mutual interactions are close.


Influencers with diverse fields VS Close-to-fans contents: the new combination between makeup & health care – workout - fashion!

The question is: can micro-influencers with diverse fields be the envoys of corset products? AsiaKOL realizes that, besides mommy influencers, corset brands can also use influencers from “makeup & health care – workout – fashion” as the new message carrier.

For example, beauty blogger DEBBY and fitness blogger DJ Eleven both have different styles of contents, but similar in the way of interactions and close-to-fans contents. Despite the lesser followers compared to S-class influencers, their posts tend to receive high attentions and buyings from fans.


Great bearing is not limit to female! Micro-influencers help enhance corset market to male!

Advantages of micro-influencers are not only about diverse fields, but also about their reaching to different sexes. For example, by presenting product features through workout and actual solving problems that men mostly encounter, such as fixing hunchback posture, suitable clothes for workout, and breathable fabrics, male micro-influencers convey the concept of corset in maintaining body shape. Micro-influencers can reach different sexes and active in diverse field, which are completely out of the traditional framework!

Overall, partners of corset brands are enhanced to makeups & health care, workout and fashion fields. With close-to-fans experience sharing styles, micro-influencers not just increase community discussions about the products, but also successfully attract male users to try it. Compared to high expenses of celebrities and official influencers, micro-influencers require a more adequate price, but effectively enhance the buying rates. If you want to convey the product information in a natural and more friendly way, why not try micro-influencers?


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AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!