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CLOUD Data Demo Day: Fusion IN Future Press Releases

Posted on 2018/12/27 16:33

Using Influencer Data, AsiaKOL has manage to create a new business model


AsiaKOL was Invited by the “INSTITUTE FOR INFORMATION INDUSTRY” on 27th, November at Taiwan Major Hospital International Convention Center to attend an exhibition themed “Demo Day: Fusion IN Future “. Industrial development bureau, ministry of economic affairs has this ongoing project for 4 years and INSTITUTE FOR INFORMATION INDUSTRY provided many different social media data that help start-ups company in Taiwan to be more business-oriented during commercial applications. AsiaKOL’s Asia Influencer Evaluation (AIE) system analysis has an interactive AI data ranking. It monitors the three biggest platforms (Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.) and integrates key opinion leaders in various fields influencer data on community platforms. AsiaKOL can identify influencer who are have high influence and effectiveness in certain industries.


“Demo Day: Fusion IN Future” is demonstrating how to use cloud big data applications in various industries, connecting national and regional businesses for innovation. The exhibition has two main parts. Firstly, is a Push Domestic Cloud Applications Drive, speech by China Telcom, CHIEF; Second is how to use a sharing data platform of cloud service and innovate from there. With big data we are able to perform analysis, community preferences & consumer forecasting. AsiaKOL uses big data transfer to provide powerful information to brands, focusing on the Asian influencers market and the performance of the influencers on the social media, AsiaKOL objective is to be a bridge that connects the brands and suitable influencers.


The AsiaKOL founder Ms. Cheng Yu Shu shared how to use Influencer Data to create a new business model. The most common mode in the industry is currently sponsorship, advertising, influencer matching, profit sharing and We media. But the best way into an unfamiliar market is to use a local person who not only understand the local culture and media but also followers which they can influence. This business model generally has lower cost, but it gets the message across much faster. AsiaKOL’s influencers evaluation (AIE) database has a real-time update of 52,000 Asian influencer community and the AIE calculates influencers interaction with fans daily. The interaction includes likes, comment & share. Everyday there are over 6,800,000 analysis in system which is then converted to useful and digestible information. Its data can separate by country, regional, etc., which is really helpful for brands determine the most suitable influencers to ensure that their marketing activities are successful.


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AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!