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Dyson Airwrap started an Asian hairdressing craze!

Posted on 2019/05/02 14:45

You can see a lot cosmetic influencer have been introducing the Dyson Airwrap after it was newly launched. AsiaKOL analyses Asian countries and KOL from October 2018 to March 2019 for Dayson Airwrap on how they released a viral product oversea.


Malaysia & Thailand are the craziest in Airwrap, the topic was focused on these two countries!

According to the AIE (Asia influencer Evaluation) Database Monitoring report, this project data base came from Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan. This topic is not only hot in Taiwan, but also in Southeast Asian counties. The product has the highest level of online discussion outside Taiwan, with Malaysia and Thailand accounting for the most, while the surprisingly mature cosmetic market in Japan and South Korea has the lowest level of discussion.


Analysis of the four Asian countries network public opinion, more than the third of the influencer on the Dyson Airwrap express a positive review. Thailand & Malaysia also have a large number of articles on the use of Dyson Airwrap’s experience which is positive and clearly is not sponsored a sponsored article. Fans are introducing this new product on their own.  Although South Korea has the least discussion on this topic but post reviews are mostly positive (About 67%.)


Malaysia and Thailand has a lot people buying but the topic of network buzz did not maintained being hot, which led to the Airwrap’s exposure to dwindle every month.

Airwrap was launch in October 2018. Dyson’s hairdressing appliances have become a trend pointer brand, while in Asian countries outside Taiwan, Malaysia has the highest buzz of discussion on the social media, while the second is Thailand, where the two major markets are buying and exposing with all high level of fans interaction.

Comparing the trends of each country monthly, you can find the exposure in October 2018 is highest with Thailand and Malaysia as the most, but the network discussion suddenly goes down since November 2018. Dyson Airwrap is only the focus of popular’s network, the overall topic has not been extended to 2019. While Dyson Airwrap actual sales did increase the number of word-of-mouth in February 2019, it also lasted only one month, and by March the online discussions had almost disappeared.


Airwrap’s talk in Asia was like a flash in the pan. May be because the posts focused on beautiful photo on Instagram

According to data monitoring results, more than 80% of Dyson Airwrap's posting pipeline in six months came from Instagram, while Facebook and YouTube two platforms were less than 20%! Instagram has always had the advantage of emphasizing visual aesthetics; relying on images, less textual narrative performance. But this also makes Instagram graphics and text more difficult to carry information, such as: Product details, brand concept and so on. Relying too much on Instagram as a propaganda pipeline may be why Dyson Airwrap was just a flash in the web.

YouTube can through to video, dynamic images with narration, demonstration how to use and even comparison of the differences between products, before and after. Take for example, handheld Dyson Airwrap hair dryer, Instagram can only show the short seconds of video or posts few images group, and YouTube can present the complete process of wash hair until hair dry with explanations, so it may be more attractive to followers to understand the amazing effect of this product.


From the case of Dyson Airwrap in the influencer viral of the Asian, although the product POP out in the network might be due to product function, but how do we continue the topic to be hot longer, there is are steps which we can follow. Learn about the cognitive impact of messages on consumers on different community platforms, leverage Instagram to expand online discussion, YouTube increases consumer adhesion, and actively run Facebook branded fans*, allowing the network heat of products to continue to ferment in the community.


Compared to the topic of Panasonic hair products constantly, Dyson can make more use of product advantages. Marketing from Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea positive posts sent to promote word-of-mouth exposure. AsiaKOL and Japan partner jointly published the Japanese million Netizen word-of-mouth killer tool – “Letro”, to help brands use user-generated content on social networking sites to obtain double-exposure products and double marketing effects.


*note:美髮吹風機買了沒? 快看Panasonic粉絲團如何勝過Dyson/Fans Togather粉絲團聯盟

AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!