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Let influencer is talking where is the must go for camping!

Posted on 2019/05/06 17:00:08

Nowadays more and more people are interested in camping, so there are a lot of camping brands started cooperating with influencer to share the hot spots & goods. AsiaKOL analysis AIE database of camping topics, follow AsiaKOL to see where the must is to go place and awesome camping goods that would have everyone envy you.   Camping topics are very popular. Normally influencer post an article focusing on online shopping and where to go to during the holidays According to January to March 20...

Chinese Professional Baseball League cheerleader girl

Posted on 2019/05/02 16:00:49

Chinese Profession Baseball is started, and people loved the cheerleader girl which came with it as well. This year coincides with the 30th anniversary of the Chinese Professional Baseball, AsiaKOL from the arts industry field analyzed nearly four months of the “Chinese Profession Baseball” related hashtag of the influencers to show you which baseball showgirl the most popular.   The most popular Taiwanese baseball cheerleader girls According to the AIE (Asia influencer Evaluation)...

Dyson Airwrap started an Asian hairdressing craze!

Posted on 2019/05/02 14:00:45

You can see a lot cosmetic influencer have been introducing the Dyson Airwrap after it was newly launched. AsiaKOL analyses Asian countries and KOL from October 2018 to March 2019 for Dayson Airwrap on how they released a viral product oversea.   Malaysia & Thailand are the craziest in Airwrap, the topic was focused on these two countries! According to the AIE (Asia influencer Evaluation) Database Monitoring report, this project data base came from Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand an...

7-11 convenience store is foreign KOL's favorite?

Posted on 2019/03/28 17:00:01

7-11 convenience store is foreign influencer’s favorite? They love the food at these convenience stores   Taiwan is the second highest density country in the world to facilitate super trade fairs! Taiwan's convenience stores are popular goods, even foreign influencers are in love with it. According to AsiaKOL analysis of Asian countries and KOL from their January 2018 to March 2019 for Taiwan's "7-11, FamilyMart, OK & Hi-life”, these four convenience stores has the hi...

How China's KOLs convert fans to sales, creating a nearly $9b

Posted on 2019/03/22 16:00:25

How China’s KOLs convert fans to sales, creating a nearly $9b industry   The Kardashians may have been able to create an entertainment phenomenon in the US by revealing their luxurious lifestyle through a long-running reality TV series, but Chinese key opinion leaders (KOLs) have been able to convert fans and generate sales on a level their Western peers can only dream of. While Western influencers are mostly video bloggers on Instagram or YouTube, Chinese KOLs can be columnists, sociali...

AsiaKOL and Letro Jointly Conference Release

Posted on 2019/03/18 13:00:44

AsiaKOL and Japan AlliedArchitects,inc. jointly published the Japanese million Netizen word-of-mouth killer tool – “Letro” AsiaKOL held a joint conference release on “AsiaKOL and Letro micro-influencer chain effect” at the Regent Taipei on the afternoon of March 15th and invited 200 professional brand marketing managers and public relations consultants from Taiwan to join hands. AlliedArchitects, a Japanese cooperative company, published the "Letro Official Chinese ...

AsiaKOL-Restaurant to get more customer through a power KOL

Posted on 2019/03/12 17:00:56

Restaurant to get more customer through a power gourmet influencer Brands, are you sure you have found the right influencer for your industry?   In recent years choosing a restaurant has become easier compared before, people will search for restaurant on social media before they go and look at reviews or even read articles for reference. Restaurants found these trends and started cooperating with gourmet influencer to promote their brand. But, are we sure that the influencer is effective in...

AsiaKOL-Online Film reviews infringing copyright laws?

Posted on 2019/03/04 16:00:05

It is believed that most people are no stranger to "x minutes to watch a movie," and Spoilers. Film and television entertainment are an indispensable thing in modern life. In recent years YouTube, Instagram has a lot of film reviews, so that viewers do not need go out and actually watch a movie! AsiaKOL’s analysis of the content of the online from November 2018 to January 2019, shows which film critics of the influencer community are most prominent, as well as the community platform on the f...

Convenience store launch of the mystery bag is now trending

Posted on 2019/02/25 13:00:58

  Chinese people like to try their luck during the lunar the new year. Taiwan's major convenience store rushed to jump on the "New Year's Good luck bag” wagon. Follow AsiaKOL’s unboxing to see the FamilyMart, 7-11, Hi-Life, OK convenience store to see what surprise mystery bag has in store. Observe this month's online trend, the FamilyMart bag total discussion number is higher than other competitors, why is it so? let us take look at!   Everybody's ...

AsiaKOL & Japan アライドアーキテクツjointly published the Letro

Posted on 2019/02/25 13:00:40

Micro-influencer’s Magic Using netizen word of mouth to reconstruct marketing Killer tools that major Japanese companies are using   Asiakol and Japan アライドアーキテクツ (Alliedarchitects,inc.) jointly published the Japanese million Netizen word-of-mouth killer tool – “Letro”. This tool allows us to use an influencer’s post to bring a community chain effect, as well as "user original content". How can this tool achieve double’s one marketing growth? Cli...

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AsiaKOL亞洲達人通 最專業的跨境網紅行銷,微網紅分潤團隊!