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3 tips to unlock the potential of influencer marketing

Posted on 2017/02/24 14:00:27

3 tips to unlock the potential of influencer marketing 15/07/2016 Fri / Jenny Li Influencer marketing is rapidly becoming a mainstream advertising strategy, taking brands beyond traditional advertising to reach an extended and more engaged target audience. The result? A higher ROI. Industry research indicates that over 80% of netizens conduct consumer research before making a purchase decision and that 88% of these netizens trust online reviews. Only 1% of millennials would trust an advertisement w...

Which Female Influencers Dominate in Japan?

Posted on 2017/02/24 14:00:06

Which Female Influencers Dominate in Japan? By Alina Gazizova on August 11, 2016  Female personalities are a real power for fashion and style brands in Japan. In addition to using Facebook and Instagram for brands’ promotion Japanese influencers have their own social networks such as Ameba and Livedoor. Let’s take a look.   How to Cooperate with Influencers in Japan? Cooperation with social media influencers gives lots of benefits to the brand. If you’re ...

AsiaKOL達人インタビュー | 百面OL奶茶貓

Posted on 2016/08/24 14:00:16

奶茶貓、中国美容専門家、フリーライダ。人気美容番組「美麗俏佳人」のゲスド。人気ブローカー、新浪「美達人」、2010、2011年度女性達人トップ10、ファション誌COSMO美容達人。 AsiaKOL:いつからコスメに興味があるですか。 奶茶貓:コスメと出会う前に、私の生活は毎日同じだった。会社からあげて、電車の中でみんな無表情の顔見って、丸で自分の姿と同じだった。突然、友達があるブランドのインベントを誘われて、そこで失った自分を見つかった。あ、ここが私の世界だという気持ちを心から生み出した。そこから、私がコスメの世界に入った。 AsiaKOL:コスメ達人になったから、具体的、何か変えたところがありますか。 奶茶貓:コスメ達人にとして、毎日最新のコスメ情報を手に入れるのは当然だ。今は時間が少なくでも、毎日3時間〜5時間のSNS作業をする、ファンとのやりとりとか、コスメの最新情報を手に入れるということ。ファンのため、それは基本だ。   AsiaKOL:新産品をテストする時、自分に合わない状況もありますか。 奶茶貓:それもあったよ。結構有名なメイカー...

Indonesian KOL | Foodie and travel blogger: Laura Angelia

Posted on 2016/07/06 19:00:38

Laura Angelia is an Indonesian foodie and travel blogger and influencer. Other than food and travel, she keeps a great passion for exploring the world, and she's willing to share her experience to others. AsiaKOL:How did you start your travel influencer career? Do you remember your first trip? Laura Angelia:It was in 2012. I went to Korea and bought my new camera. Then I posted photos I took on my blog.     But when I came back to Indonesia, I had no idea what to...

Chinese KOL | Fashion queen: VivianXu

Posted on 2016/03/22 15:00:31

Vivianxu1105, beauty influencer and fashion blogger in China, invited as guest in many TV shows for women     There's always a reason why a person get addicted to something. And the reason of using make-up is to become more beautiful.   As we are growing older, people all inevitably start to care about our look. We can't change things doomed, but we can improve it to be better. After Vivian Xu gave birth to her child, she lost glossy in face&n...

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