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Social Media Community x Micro-Influencer Trend

Posted on 2019/10/09 17:00:36

Latest marketing keywords "social media community x micro-influencer" trend There are a lot of different social medias around today. Each with their own respective market share. Whichever platform has the best content who become the kind in this market. But how do you properly identify the right content for your users? How do you focus the right product to the right viewers? How do make a content that is relevant and usable for you for your marketing activities? Follow AsiaKOL and you will see ...

AsiaKOL's interview with Philippines Travel influencer

Posted on 2019/09/30 12:00:51

Asiakol is honored to have the opportunity to interview the travel influencer of the Philippines, let us take a look at the story of Jan Leo Salazar. AsiaKOL:How did you start your influencer career? Do you remember your first post or first video? I decided to become a content creator before we went to Seoul, September last year. I took advantage of that trip - invest on ootds, reseacrh about the place, poses and even photo editing tips. In short, I did all the leg work before i went on a trip. My f...

AsiaKOL's interview with Malaysia's influencer in mothers&baby

Posted on 2019/09/26 14:00:57

AsiaKOL is proud to cooperate with Intan Nur Maisarah who is the mothers and children influencer in the Malaysia. We take this opportunity to visit Intan Nur Maisarah fame. Let's have a look at Intan Nur Maisarah's story.  AsiaKOL:How did you start your influencer career? Do you remember your first post? Woww this makes me appreciated my life now. I started my influencer career after I gave birth my first baby where I usually shared about my pregnancy journey, my skincare routine, my mot...

AsiaKOL's interview with Philippine's top influencer Andrei

Posted on 2019/09/13 13:00:59

AsiaKOL is proud to cooperate with Andrei who is the fashion trendsetter in the Philippines. We take this opportunity to visit Andreii's fame. Let's have a look at Andrei's story.  AsiaKOL:How did you start your influencer career? Do you remember your first post? Andrei:I started after my Workshop at Starmagic here in the Philippines. I think I need to venture into influencing rather than acting. Yes I still remember my first post and It was PENGUIN. AsiaKOL:Which was the project t...

KOL x Politicians = Higher Network Benefit!

Posted on 2019/09/10 13:00:39

One of the strength to boost social media publicity. (President Tsai Ing-Wen) The presidential election candidates of each party is going to be announced soon. Candidates are taking the opportunity to collaborate with famous online celebrities to gain more popularity while Tsai Ing-wen and William Lai's initial telephone poll have started in full swing. How will "Taiwan KOL x Politicians" affect Internet opinion volume? AsiaKOL is taking the collabration between President Tsai Ing-Wen an...

The secrets of influencer’s economic

Posted on 2019/09/10 12:00:50

The secrets of influencer’s economic – Overseas KOL are exposing Taiwanese products via sightseeing A Report on AsiaKOL conference on KOL. Influencers influence based on our data and its impact Today AsiaKOL organized a conference about how overseas influencers does their brand marketing and how they are being creative about it. We invited a few influencers to have a face to face open discussion in the conference to discuss about their success story and share some of their cross country co...

Cross country sexy influencers to attend bikini party in Taiwan

Posted on 2019/08/01 22:00:41

10 cross country sexy influencers will visit Taiwan to party at a bikini theme carnival!! AsiaKOL’s latest project, we invited more than 100 Taiwanese influencers and 10 well known foreign influencers from Asia to visit Taiwan to attend one of the biggest bikini Party. Other than the party, AsiaKOL will bring these foreign influencers to the hotspots of Taiwan. If you want to know more about how & where these famous influencers are going to explore Taiwan, follow AsiaKOL.   Cross cou...

AsiaKOL & Letro Joint Conference “Micro-influencer” makes wave

Posted on 2019/07/09 12:00:52

AsiaKOL and Letro Joint Conference “Micro-influencer” makes waves in E-Commerce marketing AsiaKOL shared about micro-influencer business and teaches you how they can convert followers to sale to achieve awesome sales performance through Instagram   AsiaKOL held a lecture on "The Rise of Micro-influencer E-Commerce - Sharing Power, Person Power, Sales Power" at the Grand Conference Center in Taipei, Taiwan in 5th July 2019. AsiaKOL invited honorable representatives fro...

Do you know that influencers can make money by talking about SEX

Posted on 2019/06/11 13:00:42

The themes that YouTuber talks about are varied and of course contains sex topics. AsiaKOL search YouTube video on adult topics in Taiwan from February to May 2019, to show you which influencer are very opening discussion about adult topics and what products are most often mentioned there.   Spicy adult topics focuses on sexy lingerie, dating APPs Influencer share "sex artifacts" According to the AIE (Asian Influencer Evaluation) Database's spicy topic statistics, it can be ...

Awesome mystery in Taiwan? These hotspots were popular

Posted on 2019/06/10 14:00:07

Influencer’s opinion is becoming a trend nowadays, any mystery will be able to become an overnight sensation after an influencer checks in. Follow AsiaKOL see where are the “MUST See” mystery during February to April 2019 when you are traveling in Taiwan.   Korea’s influencer prefers visiting Taiwan compared Japanese. Among these influencers, they are mostly from the gourmet, fashion and cosmetic industry.  According to AsiaKOL AIE system analysis data base, w...

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